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How To Turn A Bad Year Around

“In response to Coffee Challenge: Why I want to be a better me in 2022”

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If at this time of the year, you are looking at your resolutions, life and experiences and thinking about how it didn’t go as you wished, don’t beat yourself up because here are a practices, mindset and beliefs that helped me in 2021 and they might help you reflect or even live a better 2022.

1. Gratitude

Being in a state of gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can be as a human being. It is more than just expressing words but being in a state where you are always grateful.

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” — Henri Frederic Amiel

You don’t entirely lose your shit because you know there are still good things happening to you even though it might be hard to see in the moment. Gratitude helped me through 2021 when I was suddenly transferred from my radio job to another department, at the time, I was in film school and it was one of the greatest experiences I had this year, I met amazing people, I produced the best film out of five films that were produced. All through my career upset, I was grateful for the opportunity I had instead and refused to be phased by what was going on.

2. Acceptance

Things happen to us that are beyond our control, it is only human that we resist those things because they are unpleasant in the moment but understanding that there is power in accepting things that are beyond our control, we find control and that thing can no longer control us.

“Life regularly and inevitably involves emotional stress, anger, fears around health, shame around failed relationships,” Dr. Tara Brach explained in an interview with Jenny Taitz, “but anything short of fully accepting our human experience will keep us caught in those emotions.”

I was given a compulsory leave in October and I simply accepted it. My first instinct was to go look for something productive to do but I took a deep breath and decided to just be.

But as Jenny Taitz says “Psychologically, acceptance is an active stance that actually promotes change by helping us manage our emotions so we can solve problems.” Reading articles on Medium is one of my favorite things to do so I simply read during that time. And since, I have written 33 stories with almost 3000 reads, accepting that compulsory leave led me here and I am super grateful.

3. Being centered

If there is one thing about life, it is that it is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, it is why it called life and that is what creates balance. When you have an understanding of that, you know when you are going through a tough time that things are going to get better, you go through the ebb and flow feeling your emotions but not totally losing your shit because you know things will get better.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Shelley Sommerfeldt, says “It is often referred to as a state of emotional and spiritual equilibrium. It allows you to be accepting of the good and the bad in life and understand that things are always changing, but you can return back to your center to help yourself feel more balanced and grounded when things are difficult.”

All through my experiences earlier in the year, I knew it will pass and I was confident in the knowledge that there is a beautiful view ahead of the curve and the universe is just steering me in a different direction. I am still on the journey and I am excited at what it has brought and what is to come.

4. Trust

We don’t trust in our ability to change, in our ability to stand up for ourselves and even in the universe that things are happening for our good. Having trust prevents us from scrambling for any shred of light that is only a glimmer. I learnt to trust myself and the power that I have to turn things around.

Life coach Lindsey Lewis explains that “trusting the universe isn’t just about hoping to be saved. It’s about being practical, about approaching our fears head on and learning what specific limiting beliefs we have that we need to let go of.”

Gratitude, acceptance, being centered and trust can lead you to have a better experience in life. I would like to keep practicing these so I can master them to become a better me in 2022.

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