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Notion + Todoist Setup for Creatives

My creative workflow capturing the big picture to everyday tasks

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General Structure


Buckets Example:

  • 🔥 Christ: all things related to faith, gospel & church ministries
  • 🍔 Work: freelance projects that pay for bills & burgers
  • 🛠 Build: long-term creation of products/platforms
  • 🚀 Create: short-term, community-based projects
  • 🏡 Home: personal health, travel, finances, and family



Property Examples:

  • Goal: Finish UX for Freelancers course
  • Metrics: By Q4 2020, invested $150
  • Status: In Progress, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, Completed
  • Due Date: Dec 31, 2020
  • Bucket: 🍔 Work (relational property)


Property Examples:

  • Habit: Daily devotions and prayer
  • Frequency: 2 hours/day
  • Status: Recurring, New, Not Started, Terminated
  • Bucket: 🔥 Christ (relational property)
  • Daily habit tracking set as recurring tasks in Todoist*


Property Examples:

  • Project: The Neighborgood Project
  • Urgency: High, Mid, Low
  • Impact: 3-star, 2-star, 1-star
  • Status: On It, Waiting, Completed
  • Timeline: Oct 11, 2020 — Nov 11, 2020
  • Client: John Doe (relational property)
  • Team: Weiee Ying, Jane Doe (relational property)
  • Resources: 2020 Roadmap, Product Wiki (relational property)
  • Milestones: Complete x5 user interviews (relational property)
  • Bucket: 🛠 Build (relational property)


Property Examples:

  • Milestone: Complete this Notion Setup post
  • Project: Medium Monthly Posts (relational property)
  • Status: This Week, This Month, This Quarter, Completed, Archived
  • Goals: Write a post every month (relational property)
  • Bucket: 🚀 Create (relational property)
  • Additional properties: Impact, Urgency, Assignees

Tasks (Todoist)

How It Works



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