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The Signs Were There

The Photography Book About Texas in 2008 That Prefigured America in 2021

Front and back cover, Peter Granser’s SIGNS, an art-photography book published by Hatje Cantz and the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Stuttgart and Chicago, 2008). The featured essay in the book was, “Lone Stars, Lost Amid the Big Bang,” by Barry Vacker. The above photos are of my copy of SIGNS.

“On his quest for suitable signs and symbols, the photographer traveled more than nineteen thousand kilometers throughout Texas, working from a stance of distant observation and skepticism as he captured images of emptiness and stagnation in George W. Bush’s home country.”—Hatje Cantz website




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Barry Vacker

Barry Vacker

Theorist of big spaces and dark skies. Writer and mixed-media artist. Existentialist w/o the angst. PhD: Univ of Texas at Austin.

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