The Truth about What It Takes to Be Successful in Life

Taking a look at the core values of highly successful people

Jazz Parks
Dec 6, 2020 · 5 min read

How do you define success?

What must one do to be successful?

Real success is determined by how we spend our day. Success should not be defined by one's overall accomplishments or amount of money. Real success should be defined by the actions, thoughts, and decisions that one makes on a day to day basis.

“A man is what he thinks about all day long” — Emerson

Here are some tips to put you back on top of your game.

Focus On Your Why

Above all else, be determined. It takes a daily mental check to really be successful.

You have to focus on your why.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

What’s the first thing you think about when waking up in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to bed?

Success comes from intention. Nobody accidentally becomes successful in life. As we’ve discussed, success is not an overall amount of accomplishments but how you choose to live each day.

Did you do something today to make tomorrow better?

Did you really give it you’re all? And are you better today than you were yesterday?

If the answer to any of those questions is a big fat ‘NO,’ then really evaluate where you are right now.

Meditate Often

Mindfulness is the ability to stay present at the moment or the ability to process thoughts consciously.

Mindfulness is the basis of thousands of success stories. Do you want to be successful? Develop a conscious awareness of how you live your day to day life.

Meditation is usually spent in a seated position, following the breath and allowing your thoughts to pass (without judgment). When you find yourself drifting off into thought, bring the attention back to your breath. That is the act of meditation.

There’s no need to dig deep into the spiritual aspects of this; it’s been used as a form of stress reduction therapy in clinics for over 50 years, yet we’ve only begun investing millions into research as of recently. Come to find out — the benefits are numerous.

So meditate and meditate often.

Read Self-Help Books

Knowledge is power, and as humans, we have an inherent ability to learn whatever we desire. The only thing that holds us back from success is self-doubt.

Doubting yourself keeps you from trying new things, sharing your story, and being yourself.

Before self-help books, I was a mess. I was rarely productive, focused, or intentional in the way I was living. I only cared about three things: pot, sex, video games. That’s it.

My first ever self-help book was titled “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.

He completely opened me up to the aspect of living my dream life; a life full of abundance, wonder, success, passion, and purpose.

Since then, I’ve read countless other self-help books and wouldn’t be the man I am today without them.

Some great ones to start

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big By David J. Schwartz
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy
  • The Go-Giver by By Bob Burg
  • Today Matters By John C. Maxwell

Nourish Your Body

Your body directly connects to your mind; therefore, nourishing your body ultimately feeds the brain.

Health is Wealth.

Ever hear that before?

It’s 100% crucial that you start eating to nourish the body instead of ‘fill the tummy.’

Please start looking at your body like a temple, large and golden, brimmed with clear waters, luscious greens, and healthy residents. Would you purposely trash a temple so gorgeous as this one? Well, this temple is your body, so it’s your responsibility to upkeep.

Don’t dirty your waters with unhealthy liquids, and don’t poison your residents with fumes. Specifically, maintain your temple by being conscious of who you let in.

Try To…

  • Take some daily multivitamins.
  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet
  • Eat three nutritionally packed meals per day.
  • Get Plenty Of Rest

Feed The Mind

To be successful in life, it’s important to understand that self-care should be the top priority.

“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” — Mahatma Gandhi

Though just like it’s important to nurture the body, we should also have clear intentions on what we feed the mind.

Your brain is constantly absorbing new information. The brain processes over 400 billion bits of information per day, yet we can only consciously absorb about 2,000 of those bits of information.

So what do you feed your mind?

Have you read any self-help books recently? Or maybe some uplifting articles? Do you spend your time absorbed in YouTube, or do you spend it productively — taking courses, surveys, and watching empowering content?

Get Some Rest And Plenty Of It.

There’s a new show out on Netflix called “Awake.” It’s a game show that allows players to win one million dollars. The catch? They have to stay awake for 24 hours and then participate in activities that test their cognitive capabilities.

In short?

Your body is not supposed to function from a lack of sleep.

It’s recommended to get an average of 7 to 8 hours per day. I honestly still struggle with this, pulling in around 6 1/2 hours of sleep per day, and I can feel it.

Sleep is the only time our body gets to rest, allowing us to prepare for a productive day.

Staying up late to finish that last-minute essay just might hurt any work that needs to get done tomorrow. So to be successful, be sure to get plenty of rest to prepare for the day ahead.

Take A Mental Check.

Decide if you’re happy with where you’re at in life, and if not, make a change.

It’s up to you to decide where you’ll be in life 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Life is 10% action and 90% reaction, so be determined, have a clear intention of why you do what you do, and do it.

Remember to

  • Meditate often
  • Read Self-Help Books
  • Nourish The Body
  • Get Plenty Of Rest
  • Focus On Your Why

If I am healthy and well-rested, centered, focused, and empowered by self-help books, nothing can or will ever stop me. So decide to live a better life and start today.


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Jazz Parks

Written by

I write about topics including productivity, spirituality, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, & finances. I’m also a self-published author! ->



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

Jazz Parks

Written by

I write about topics including productivity, spirituality, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, & finances. I’m also a self-published author! ->



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

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