You Shouldn’t Ask a Psychic about the Future

There’s a better way to rely on someone with intuitive gifts

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Years ago, at a time when I was highly anxious about the future, I started to rely heavily on the advice of some very powerful psychics. I am relieved to say I was never suckered by some $5 sidewalk huckster claiming to remove a curse that would ruin my future. In fact, I enjoyed some highly accurate and powerful readings from several people, and two of them were exceptional in their gifts.

They would, on occasion, offer some predictions about my future, and while I found them intriguing and sometimes reassuring, they were much more helpful in helping me to see certain emotional patterns, to get to the core of certain traumatic events, and identify blind spots in my ways of thinking. It turned out that it was far more beneficial for me to understand where I was and why I was suffering than where I’d supposedly be six months or a year later.

As I went through a very powerful and profound spiritual transformation, my intuitive abilities opened up and I began to channel and receive insights about others. Now I play for others the same role that intuitives, mediums, and psychics played for me. Yet I still find that people often want predictions about their future. Would they find true love (or their twin flame)? Would they get a particular job? Will they make a lot of money? Sometimes they just want to know: What does the future hold?

As normal as these questions are, they are not the right ones to ask an intuitive.

Why People Turn to Psychics

Admittedly, those questions are quite normal. The ego wants security. We fear the unknown and want to avoid pain. We associate security with what is known and familiar, and we loathe the sense of discomfort that comes from not knowing. The more you worry about the future and find yourself less focused on the present, the farther you wander from your own truth.

But here’s the rub: You will never find security through another person’s predictions about your life.

For one, you can easily become dependent on that kind of predictive insight, always turning to a trusted adviser about what to do rather than being guided by your own inner voice. For every decision, you’ll anxiously call up your trusted psychic in the hopes of not making a wrong choice.

But there’s a deeper reason you can’t hold onto another person’s predictions as a firm truth upon which to live your life: They rarely unfold in the way the psychic told you.

The reason isn’t that no one has any kind of intuitive gift — many do — or that all psychics are fraudsters — some may be, but others are legitimate.

The real reason is that knowing a prediction already alters the course of your life.

A Prediction Produces A Shift In Your Consciousness, But Not the One You Need

Knowing — or believing — information about what is going to happen to you introduces a shift in who you are, making you different from the person you were when the prediction was made. You’re no longer the person you were just before you heard it.

The conundrum with any kind of prediction is that if it’s a prediction you like, you’ll attempt to chart a path that leads to its fruition. You’ll try to find a way there, start taking actions to get there, etc. You’ll try to make the prediction come true. And if it’s a prediction you don’t like, you’ll try to make choices to avoid it.

It’s like being on a road, and you can only see a few feet ahead of you. You’re told that you’ll end up at some destination. But instead of just continuing to walk, you decide to try a new path, take a short-cut, climb through the woods to this new trail, etc. You think you’re helping to manifest it or avoid it, but you’re not. You’re actually getting in your own way.

The problem is that you can never arrive at the destination through the mind’s planning because you are not (yet) the person identified in that prediction. That is a different person, with a different level of consciousness. You are trying to force a set of external circumstances rather than becoming the person for whom those external circumstances would reflect their inner world, their consciousness. (In the case of negative predictions, trying to avoid them is often reflective of the same level of consciousness, and so you often still end up there by attempting to resist the outcome.)

Indeed, the very act of trying to get to a certain destination is already a shift in your consciousness — but not necessarily in line with the consciousness of the prediction.

All psychics really see are potential outcomes based on who you are and the directions in which you are already headed. At that moment, you are at a certain level of consciousness when the psychic tunes in to you and receives the prediction. You shift consciousness when you hear the prediction, and you attempt to make that prediction come true from that level of consciousness. But the person identified in the prediction is operating from a different level of consciousness altogether. That’s where your focus needs to be.

The True Gift of an Intuitive

Instead of trying to learn what the future holds for you, you’re better off facing the real issue: the lack of trust in your life and your inner guidance. What a psychic or intuitive can do for you is to help you see where those blocks and lack of inner trust come from. They can help you to take authentic and meaningful action.

They do so by helping you to identify the values and aspects that are most meaningful to you — those values that most make your soul feel alive. They can help you to see where you are held back by limiting beliefs, old patterns of thought, emotional blocks, trauma, and other aspects of the self. Sometimes it’s a question of facing something in your past that remains unresolved; other times it’s a shift in perspective because you’re looking at your life through a distorted lens. Ultimately, it’s about you knowing yourself and trusting your own intuition.

That is what must guide you in your choices. Rather than focusing on the external trappings of the prediction, a well-skilled intuitive can help you to see the images or messages as a core expression of something that has deeper meaning for you and your soul. In short, they help you become the person they perceive in the prediction, not simply to materialize those external circumstances.

The reality is that even when we’ve learned to hear our inner voice, as we progress on our respective journeys to wholeness, we still run into blocks. It is often difficult to see the psychic boulders standing in our path. But rather than ask about the future, ask what you cannot see. It’s the difference between consulting a psychic to try to get a GPS reading on your destination, and helping them clear the dirt off your windshield so you can see more clearly the path right in front of you.


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Patrick Paul Garlinger

Written by

Former professor-lawyer turned channel for divine wisdom. On a short break from Medium to finish a book. Check out my other books here:



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

Patrick Paul Garlinger

Written by

Former professor-lawyer turned channel for divine wisdom. On a short break from Medium to finish a book. Check out my other books here:



A community of people who are curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (

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