Getting started on Ubuntu Mate as a long time MacOS user

Aug 12, 2017 · 2 min read

This series is a bit old. I started this when I had just switched. One year later, I believe I can give much better advice and therefore I wrote a NEW article that holds all parts below in one concise manual to switch. Click the link below

My studies are almost over and I quit my job to move to Italy and write my Master thesis on AI. But with the quitting my job also comes the burden of having to give up my 2016 MBP 15", having to buy my own gear again. I have been using OSX since 2012 and I got very used to the system. So the switch will be hard.

I will create several posts on how to switch different parts of my favorite applications and collect them here:

  1. Alfred replacement (clipboard history, quick find and launcher)
  2. Mail/Calendar replacement
  3. IDE (IntelliJ suite, SourceTree by Atlassian)
  4. Browser, Window Management (Window Tidy)
  5. Wunderlist (my todo app of choice) and other webapps
  6. LastPass… There is no alternative. NOT TRUE. Check out my new post for instructions
  7. File System and I/O Benchmark
  8. Keyboard shortcuts
  9. Lightroom … Windows VM. Sorry, nothing better out there right now

As a general rule of thumb: Even though it hurts I decided to stick to linux best practices or defaults instead of making my Linux a weird version of a wannabe OSX. that means Copy+Paste shortcuts are CTRL+C CTRL+V not CMD, my Albert (Alfred replacement) uses the spotlight CMD+Space shortcut etc. I hope my muscle memory will be fast to adapt but in the end I think it is the better approach than heavily modifying my keymaps and other system configuration just so I don’t need to get used to something new.


Anything about technology and where our society and technology is heading towards


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Anything about technology and where our society and technology is heading towards

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