MacOS to Ubuntu Part 4: Browser and Window Management (Window Tidy)

Aug 14, 2017 · 3 min read

Update: I switched to compiz now which has window management included. check below


On Mac I used Safari for ‘battery critical’ environments (i.e. watching a movie on the airplane) and Chrome for everything else. I tried to get off of Chrome several times, trying Brave for more privacy or trying to use Safari as my main drive once I got the Touch Bar. But you know what? I never got away from Chrome. I am simply too used to it.

On Linux, obviously installing Chrome is possible. But I decided to go with Chromium instead of Chrome. What’s the difference? Not much besides the color of the icon. But I decided if I already moved Mail, Contacts and Calendar away from Google, why not also bookmarks and others.

So I went with and disabled all Google dependent services in Chromium

(“Old”) Window Management (before: Window Tidy and BetterTouch)

On OSX my workflow for managing windows was a mix between automated keyboard centric window management and manual drag and drop. I had running with some 7–8 different desktop layouts predefined. They popped up whenever I dragged a window so I could quickly drag it into the form I wanted by dropping it onto one of the windows (see GIF).

Now to be fair. I didn’t know the term but once you find out that it’s called “tiling window manager” you realize that those tools on OSX are infants compared to Linux. Once again, the world is your oyster with Linux. Try awesome if you want to go all out right away or try PyGrid if you want to try a lean and quick way. For now I went with PyGrid because it allows me to get used to linux but at the same time already manage my windows quicker than draging them around manually. It let’s you determine a keyboard shortcut and then you switch windows around like a pro using the numpad.

Now this is not anywhere close to what you can apparently do with awesome but that is a project for another day. I think right now, my computer is still usable for another normal person but once I throw awesome on it as the default window manager, my girlfriend will seriously be pissed at me if she just wants to print something on my machine.

(“New”) Window Management with compiz

Try the compiz included window management. It’s really good!

So those are Browser and window management.

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Anything about technology and where our society and technology is heading towards

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