Curofy is pleased to announce launch of Campus Buzz series presenting snippets on campus life being reported directly to us by medical students. The series is hoped to give you a sneak peak into life and times of medical campus and possibly kindle a spark of memories of your own campus days.

LHMC, New Delhi. Change is the only constant law of nature. Progress is impossible in any field, if not preceded by changes. In an ever evolving field like Medicine, each and every new advancement can help to save hundreds of life. The field evolves, so does the education system. The education system needs to be thoroughly updated with the advancements and inventions, to produce health professionals with accurate knowledge and experience.

Starting from The advancements in Non-Clinical subjects, a lot has changed in the way Practicals were done and how they are done now. A lot of new experiments have been included to increase the horizon of a medical student. For example, Apart from conventional ways of finding out Tidal Volume, we are being taught to operate spirometry machines, and to read the graph, which will be helpful in clinical practice. We are being taught about all the latest Biochemical tests, including the methods of carrying out ELISA, PCR, RT PCR, LAT etc., along with the interpretation of results.

When we come to the Sub Clinical subjects, we realize that the advancements are much more than non-clinical subjects. For example in pharmacology, previously we used to do experiments on animal…a total skill based procedure. But now, due to limitation of Resources and due to problems with ethical committee, a new concept Of Computer Assisted Learning has come out. Not only This, According to Dr Umesh Surnagi, From Pharmacology Dept.,’ The Advancement is Tremendous….Every Year more than 25 drugs are being approved’, clearly indicating to the bright future of medicine.

Coming to other Branch, Microbiology, A branch evolving faster than strains of virus. For example, previously students used learn just about ZN staining and L J media for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. But now, they are being shown how to use newer methods like Immunoflurosensce, Bactec and most recent Gene xpert, which are newer and less time consuming.

The advancements in Clinical Subjects are mainly directed towards helping in clinical Diagnosis. Any advancement which could be helpful in on the spot diagnosis, is a boon to the field of Medicine. For example, Introduction of handy peak flowmeter. According to Dr Tanmay, Professor of Medicine Department, ‘These devices, that come handy are very useful, especially in Bedside clinics. Can be helpful in diagnosis, as well as follow up checkup’.

Similarly, other equipments include facility of Bedside X-Ray, Doppler test etc. The presence of these facilities in a Govt Hospital makes the visit of Patients very easy and comfortable.

The recent opening of Skills Lab at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, is something that everyone is looking forward to.

But, still in Today’s world, Dominated by Technologies and new Equipments, What really makes Lady Hardinge Medical College, Smt Sucheta Kriplani Hospital and Kalawati Saran Child Hospital stand out in the crowd, is the Skills of the Medical Professionals working here…The tremendous patient inflow, especially in Gynecology and Pediatrics cannot just be credited to the Hospital and infrastructure, BUT to the presence of knowledgeable, experienced and ‘ always ready to help’ doctors….New Technology can help, but cannot replace Skills….

Originally published at on October 15, 2015.