Meet the Expert : Dr. Sumer Sethi

“In near future, biggest illiterates would be computer illiterates.”, says Dr. Sumer Sethi, who is one of the pioneer for medical tele-education and tele-radiology in India.

Dr. Sumer Sethi, a mentor, blogger and teacher par excellence talks about his journey, his passion for teaching and teleradiology in an exclusive interview with Curofy. He has the distinction of being one of the most influential internet doctors in the world and also has the longest running radiology blog in the world.

Curofy: You have achieved so much at such a young age. Tell us about your journey

SS: At the outset, I will like to thank you and Curofy team for the effort. I wish your team all the best for your medical network venture.

Coming back to my story, It started with two things my passion for teaching and my love for technology. I loved teaching medical students. However, I could not see myself in medical school as a conventional teacher. I had my own ideas about the way teaching should be done to medical students, and what better place to teach than to help them prepare for competitive exams like: MD/MS entrance and USMLE.

My background as a previous AIIMS & AIPG topper gave me a unique perspective to the competitive exams for Doctors at post graduate level. Thats the background for DAMS and its satellite based tele-education network of 120plus classroom centers. Tele-radiology happened on the way.

I believe that somehow, things should converge and convergence builds systems. That was my background thought for Telerad Providers, I wanted to create an India centric workflow, where in radiology cases from diagnostic centers and hospitals can be converged and managed & reported by remotely placed radiologists. It seemed improbable at the beginning but now we have a 50 center plus Tele-radiology network with a team of coordinators and radiologists managing the show.

Curofy: From tele-radiology to DAMS to blogging — how do you take out time for all these things. What is your mantra regarding time management?

SS: In my mind I don’t see these activities as separate activities, they are linked by my interest in education and technology. Teleeducation- teleradiology -blogging (both clinical) and general is my outlet for sharing my work and ideas.

I took to blogging in 2004 and I began to maintain a clinical blog wherein I share cases and interesting points from my clinical work. It has been 11 long years of blogging now and It is the longest running radiology related blog in the world now.

Now, to summarize the answer to your question: time is always short and it is always there, provided you like what you are doing, time doesn’t seem to matter. And if you don’t enjoy what you do, time drags on. That’s the mantra for time management. Find what you like doing and do it for a living.

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Originally published at on October 21, 2015.