Should AYUSH/BDS doctors be allowed to practice allopathic medicine?

Before the entire AYUSH and BDS community starts bashing me for writing on this ‘controversial’ topic, i want them to know that i respect their fields from the bottom of my heart and am just against this irrational decision that the government wants to take by giving them the authority to ‘conduct uncomplicated abortions’ or ‘prescribe allopathic medicines’. Yes, we all know how our country works on jugad and that one day we also might hear about a decision by the aviation ministry to allow taxi drivers to fly a plane because we face shortage of pilots. After all driving is driving, doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a plane.

Now if you found the above thing hilarious and weird, that’s exactly what is happening with the healthcare system in India. A recent study by the Delhi-based research organisation Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (CDDEP) has shown that India has highest rate of antibiotic resistance in the world. It also showed that only about 20 per cent of antibiotics are used in hospitals. The rest 80 per cent are either prescribed by healthcare providers or purchased directly by consumers.

Now this is when every pharmacist prescribes irrational drugs over the counter or quacks prescribe common antibiotics for every small ailment. Imagine what will happen when the alternative system of medicines such as AYUSH also start prescribing allopathic medicines without having the desired knowledge or expertise in doing so. Very soon almost all diseases will become resistant and hospitals will be full of such ill-treated patients which sadly would be helpless.

And it does not end here. The government proposes to allow Ayush practitioners and paramedical staff (excluding yoga and naturopathy) in the public sector to do abortions on pregnant women under the MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) Amendment Bill, as informed by the Union health minister JP Nadda.

Now i don’t understand HOW in a country like India already battling against high maternal mortality rate and sins like female foeticide we can risk such an important health sector i.e. maternal and child health.

While the entire world is moving towards more and more specialized care, India is worsening its medical system. Instead of focussing on increasing PG seats to draw the wasted medical resource out of libraries , we want to give everyone having even slight knowledge of medicine , the right to play with health of our population.

It is nothing but the shying away of the Health Ministry from its responsibilities by opting a method of nothing but plane simple jugad . But sadly what they don’t understand is Medicine cannot be learnt and practiced by jugad and needs years of hardwork and training to treat any human soul.

Thank you!

Jai Hind

This article was submitted to us by Kanika Kalra, a medical student from LHMC.

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Originally published at on October 18, 2015.