What’s your number?

Mine is $124,800.00 That is the minimum amount I will pay for insurance premiums between now and Medicare Age. For that amount of money, I am entitled to ZERO hours of actual medical care.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s use this, even though your actual will be probably about double given annual increases of 10–20% (mine for 2015 was 29%… that was legal folks and I wrote letters.)

65-CurrentAge= MedicareYears. CurrentMonthlyPremium X MedicareYears = YourNumber.

That does not even account for rapid increases once you hit 50. Are you shocked? You should be angry.

I have always know this calculation. I do it annually and adjust it for increases in my premium for my individual health insurance policy. The ACA now guarantees I can buy a policy, they can’t kick me off (though I don’t know who I would call if they did. Neither does my US Senator) but thanks to the IRS penalties and family obligations (one left -27) I can no longer choose to be without insurance.

I am stuck with being broke by paying premiums and my max OOP, dying prematurely or fighting the IRS indefinitely over penalties, fees and forfeiture. None of these are good options but that is the rest of my life on the status quo.

We gotta fight! I don’t know how exactly, but I made these signs that I hope those who are going to Hillary Clinton rallies will print off, fill in and hold up for the media. I hope the media catches on that we’re doing this.

If you can’t go to a rally, print it off, fill it in, take a photo and post to your social media accounts. Tweet it at me @pastryplate and I will do my very best to amplify your voice.

My sign. Get yours with the link below.

Get your sign today. Color in the amount. Take a photo, bring to a rally, show the candidates — especially Hillary Clinton how bad it really is out here. Show her that #StatusQuoNo is her only option for the presidency.

And read this from Holly Wood and this. Get angry, get out there. This sh*t is real. #StatusQuoNo

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