Canadian Lady Leaders — Currantly Impressed

Back in November of 2016, Canada’s Women’s Executive Network released the Top 100 List of Canada’s Most Powerful Women and — seeing as our fearless leader is Canadian — we had to check and see if any of these ladies hail from the same region as Sarah. That region being Atlantic Canada, so (for those of you unfamiliar with the lay of the land) not Toronto.

We were looking for women living/working in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland. And we scored a 3/4! There’s nothing quite like noticing someone for their accomplishments, and then realizing that they’re from your own neck of the woods. That little bit of pride and the grin that ensues has the power of inspiration behind it. And who doesn’t want a good helping of inspiration every once in a while?

Aldea Landry is the President of Landal Inc. which, founded in 1993, equips individuals and organizations to succeed and grow in the global environment. Aldea herself is a badass lawyer who also serves as vice-president of Diversis (a consulting firm that specializes in immigration and diversity). In 2006, she was chosen my Prime Minister Stephen Harper to sit on an Advisory Committee about the future of public service in Canada. Go Aldea!!

Tracy Kitch is the President and CEO of IWK Health Centre, a hospital in Halifax that provides health care to women, children, and youth from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Talk about being local and awesome. Tracy has held a number of executive roles in healthcare. She’s known for her passion of creating quality work environments and making sure that patients and healthcare professionals have exceptional experiences at IWK.

Entrepreneur Anne Whelan is the CEO of Seafair Capital, a growth-based private investment company that provides various services to the companies they operate with. They mainly operate within home/community care, residential care, and industrial safety in Newfoundland. Not only is Anne one of the most powerful women in Canada, she was also named CEO of the Year by Atlantic Business Magazine 2014!


These are just a few incredible women doing fantastic things that they believe in. What’s even more wonderful is that there are a hundred women on this list and hundreds and hundreds of women, plotting and brainstorming — yet to be discovered. We can’t wait to discover you.