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Cryptocurrency Investors Can Now Participate in Traditional Financial Markets With Ease Using Crypto Directly Without Converting To Fiat First! leverages the technology of our sister company is regulated by the FCA and CySEC, this allows us to offer users access to a tokenised version of a contract for exchange of a specific equity, commodity or index.

Ivan Gowan, CEO of, said, “We are excited to be launching this revolutionary blockchain venture and providing crypto investors with a concrete option to diversify their portfolio by investing in traditional asset classes, without the pressure of exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiat money to do so. is committed to providing users with superior security and fraud protection, and preventing any potential risks by leveraging the full traceability of blockchain transactions and adhering to the strictest regulatory standards set by Belarus’ Decree №8 ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy.”

“ will disrupt and revolutionize financial technology on a large scale,” said Viktor Prokopenya, Founder and CEO of VP Capital. “Access to global financial markets has historically been available through one primary medium — the stock exchange — but leverages groundbreaking cryptocurrency technology to create the opportunity for investors who might not have access to traditional stock markets otherwise. All this was made possible by the progressive Decree №8 ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy’ that was passed in Belarus. Belarus has become one of the most forward-looking countries when it comes to blockchain technologies and the first country in the world to create a dedicated legislative framework tailored to cryptocurrencies and their industry.” is the first blockchain business to be licensed by the High Technology Park (HTP) in Belarus following the adoption of the Decree №8 ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy’. Decree №8 legalizes businesses based on blockchain, providing a legal status for tokens and smart contracts and legalizing operations related to mining, keeping, buying, selling, distributing, or exchanging cryptocurrencies, such as exchange services, digital tokens, initial coin offerings and mining operations. is fully compliant with Decree №8 and implements best-in-class Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws and strict data and customer protection rules to the same level as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It has also developed robust in-house compliance mechanisms that ensure that all client deposits are protected by advanced security measures. This includes verification of all blockchain transactions by blockchain intelligence services such as Coinfirm, Elliptic and Chainanalysis.

Our tokenised securities trading platform will be supplemented by a free platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies using fiat money. In addition, we have created Moonfolio, a free all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app which allows users to track and manage diversified cryptocurrency portfolios. will be authorising new users on our platform gradually to ensure optimal functionality as the service scales. Users can apply to join a waiting list on the online platform at We will also be rolling out a referral program to users, who will receive invitation codes that they can share with friends.

Once a user is on board they will be participating in’s exclusive referral program. We aim to regularly distribute referral invites to traders, who then can invite friends and earn 50% of their trading commission for their first 6 months of trading. Every person registered with will receive free trading capital — $50 to each account during the invite mode period.

The iOS and Android apps will be available for beta testing from February 2019.

About is a next-generation blockchain technology company, which operates the world’s first trading platform for tokenised securities, which allows investors to use their cryptocurrency assets to invest in, and profit from, global financial markets — without the pressure of exchanging their crypto portfolio into fiat money. is licensed, authorized and regulated by the High Technology Park of Belarus under Decree №8 ‘On the Development of a Digital Economy’.

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About VP Capital

Founded by Viktor Prokopenya, VP Capital is a global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector. For more information, please visit

About Larnabel Ventures

Larnabel Ventures was founded by the Gutseriev family to invest in the information technology sector.

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Invest with crypto, profit in crypto.

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Invest with crypto, profit in crypto.

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