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What We Are Reading, Watching, and Listening To This Week?

Article: Does AI Art Belong in the Physical, Digital, or Crypto World? by Pindar Van Arman

Article: Man dies on Mount Everest during ASKfm cryptocurrency promotional stunt by Mark Serrels, CNET

Article: The 10 Largest Companies In the World Are Now Exploring Blockchain by Michael del Castillo / Forbes

Article: Ripple Introduces the University Blockchain Research Initiative by Team Ripple

Article: Cryptocurrencies ‘Are Not Going Away’ Says CFTC Official by Christine Kim

Video: SEC Chairman Jay Clayton On Cryptocurrencies And Investing by CNBC

Interview with SEC Chairman, Clayton on the status of regulatory environment around Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Signs of positive regulations to come? More in the video:

Video: John Mayer Has a Sing-Off While Eating Spicy Wings by Hot Ones

Nothing like watching a bunch of artists and celebrities try and eat 10 hot ones, escalating in heat from mild to ‘pass out,’ in this case John Mayer does quite well.

Current: Jeff Goldblum’s Guide To Life by British GQ

Hollywood’s suavest and strangest star takes us on a strange, stream of consciousness ride in this cheeky GQ video. Jeff covers fish, body shots, and dietary restrictions with an infectious joie de vivre that had us hooting and hollering. Jeff’s guide to life will inspire you to seize the day this summer and look good doing it.

Current: I’ll Pretend (Official Video) by Swamp Dog

Legendary gonzo soul singer Swamp Dogg is experiencing a renaissance of late. His iconic 1970 album “Total Destruction to Your Mind” revolutionized the soul genre and he’s been sampled by everyone from Kid Rock to Talib Kweli. For his new album “Love, Loss, and Autotune” Swamp Dogg has found unlikely collaborators in Polica’s Ryan Olsen and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. On this striking lead single, Justin Vernon and Swamp Dogg’s voices merge in a soulful digital sprawl that proves Vernon is the undisputed master of auto-tune. We can’t wait to hear the rest of this album, if this single is any indication it’s sure to push the soul genre further into the 21st century.

Current Artist Spotlight: Kids See Ghost

This week we eagerly await another Kanye West project out of Wyoming. The Kids See Ghost album, set to drop this Friday, is the 3rd album to arise from Kanye’s hideaway studio in Jackson Hole. Earlier this week Cudi tweeted out album art from Takashi Murakami and the live stream is slated for tonight at 8pm PT. Kanye and Cudi have long been kindred spirits, a love for complex electronic beats, openly discussing mental health, and deeply soulful crooning, these two were some of the first to bring a more emotional side to hip hop. We are breathlessly waiting to see what these two geniuses have cooked up together.