Dan’s June 1st Telegram AMA: Recap

Last Friday, our CEO, Dan Novaes ran our first Telegram AMA.

Our community definitely came out in force and asked some really great questions! With all those great questions and answers, we couldn’t bear to have them buried and lost forever in the Telegram channel. Below, we‘ve highlighted some of the top questions just in case anyone missed it! (some questions may be edited slightly for grammar and readability.)

Question 1:@nesi88 on Telegram

Hi Dan! I have a question, what is the difference between Bolt and Current?

First i am hearing of them. Seems they are mostly focused on an international audience. Not sure if they have actually launched a product. With Current we are most focused on rewarding time, data and attention when consuming media from the worlds most popular media networks while also focusing on our own internal integrations.
Additionally, our protocol can be used on other 3rd party platforms in addition to the current ecosystem.

Question 2 : @DonTheJuice on Telegram

Dan, Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday afternoon. Thank you for taking the time today to answer some further questions. I would really like to hear more about the recent marketing partnerships please. Efforts seem to have really picked up and look great thus far. You were search trending in the USA earlier and have been seeing tremendous traction in the charts. Can you fill us in with some details? What strategies are you using? Your admins mentioned that there is a team behind this, can we get more info on that? Are the downloads actual users who want to use the app? Retention rate? Thanks again.

Thanks for joining in on the AMA 🙂
Yes we have been running a lot of social ads.
A week ago Sunday, we began running non-incentive based social media marketing campaigns via Instagram and Twitter, some of which began to go viral. While the campaign was running, we acquired ~200,000 new users during a 7 day period.
The retention rate has been consistent to what we have seen in the past, ~30–35% day 30, which is pretty consistent with top media and social apps
We have had around 60,000 users sign up for the waitlist feature in the app for when the protocol gets launched, pretty amazing within one week.

Question 3: @RisiYoda on Telegram

How many dl for current app?

I can confirm we have north of 1M installs on the app just on iOS

Question 4: @Simpage on Telegram

Hi Dan. Is there any concern that the momentum you are gaining via app download rates internationally may be lost as the token is not released for another month?

Media platforms have literally hundreds of millions of users. This is just a small burst, so we are not worried about that. We don’t even have a live Android app yet. This is just the beginning guys i assure you 🙂

Question 5: @the0rgazoid on Telegram

Do you have any agreements with companies to purchase tokens to run ads etc? Netflix integration 2018?

We have partnerships in place to run ads within the Current Network. The direct selling of ads via tokens within the platform will be released in a future version of the Current Network. For now many of the partnerships are based on ad partnerships from programmatic networks we have relationships with.
We are working on many video integrations for 2018. We are working on a solution for Netflix and hope to debut it later this year

Question 6: @Gorbus on Telegram

What are the goals that you want to have achieved at the moment of token release, and what confident base can you give us on partnerships ,and so, for us to be confident that the coin will be a Stable coin and not going to decline fast in value…

And can you please give us some security of beeing listed on multiple good exchanges instead of a Dex where most of the time the released coins start with a big loss because of lack on volume..

I think it is better to wait for longer time to release the token instead of ending up on the shitty exchanges. Better build a good value in your product, Get listed on good exchanges and then token release…..;)

Our goal is to have the protocol live in the platform as we mentioned during token release. The growth and usage of the platform is what we believe to be most important. What works in our favor is that Current is a consumer facing brand. Meaning that we are able to advertise the product to a broad audience and always remain top of mind. We are bringing on some of the top people in the media space (people who have led partnerships at some of the largest media companies in the world, that we all use) Its our main priority to continue to expand our library of content. Content is king 🙂
We cant comment on anything related to exchanges.

There you have it. The top questions and answers from our first Telegram AMA. While this was only 30 minutes, we got through some great topics! In the future, we may run for a little longer and potentially in a live stream format. Additionally we’re planning on having other team members join us to speak on different parts of the business from Marketing, Development and Product.

Until Next time! ✌️

Dan Novaes — CEO Current Media