Where It All Starts

It is no secret that Americans have a resounding love for food, and amongst the various items they frequently ingest, unhealthy choices are seemingly the most common. Lucero from the American Bar Association expresses in the article, “The public health threats posed by globalization of the food supply and rising rates in obesity and other non-communicable diseases create a need for the federal government to play an increased role to ensure food is safe and nutritious.” This notion poses a plethora of problems, not only in relation to overall health, but on an economic level as well; because fast food has been made so readily available to the individual due to its low prices, there is no question as to why it is continuously consumed so widely.

That being said, the question on everyone’s mind should not be why fast food restaurants and advertising are so prominent in everyday society, but what exactly is within the food these corporations are marketing to us instead? Individuals have a tendency to neglect and analyze the importance of nutrition and healthy eating as well as thoughtfully considering what is in the foods they are consuming.

Credit for the picture goes to http://naturalsociety.com/6-fda-approved-foods-banned-in-other-countries/

While the government does make attempts to deter its citizens from eating processed, fatty, and fast foods, has the public truly been informed adequately enough to legitimately benefit their overall eating habits and subsequent health? The following writings aim to critique the current rules and guidelines of the food industry in America, as well as to shed some light on the severely hazardous chemicals that are within the foods people consume daily. What will become apparent in the later pages will reveal the ‘dark truths’ of the food industry as a whole and expose the various correlations between disease in relation to foods.

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