CurseForge is Getting a New Look!

Chris Hubbard
May 1, 2019 · 4 min read

Hey everyone, we’re here to announce some really big news! At CurseForge, we’re always looking to upgrade your experience and improve our services for both authors and mod users. Therefore, we’re excited to announce something we’ve been hard at work on!

Rolling out in June 2019, CurseForge will be unifying across all game sites (as well as getting a major facelift)

First time users and burgeoning authors will now find it easier than ever to find the mods they want or start on their very first project. We’re unifying all sites under to make it easier for authors to manage their projects, streamline the experience for CurseForge users trying to find the games and projects they’re looking for, and help onboard the next generation of mod authors.

Not only will the site look shiny and new, but it will become much more operationally efficient for our team. Operating multiple sites has caused significant technical debt, especially when trying to add new features. Reducing this drain on our resources will allow us to focus our efforts on providing the best experience possible for all of you.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this overhaul! To get you even more excited, here’s a few images to give you a glance into the new CurseForge!

Here’s some important info on the upcoming changes:

  • Your Twitch username will now be used across all of CurseForge. Your CurseForge username will no longer be used, but you will still maintain your CurseForge profile.
  • All mods will now be accessed from; you will no longer need to go to a game’s specific domain in order to access that game’s mods. Exceptions to this are Bukkit, WowAce, and SC2Mapster, which will remain as separate domains for our initial launch.
  • Project Roles will be unifying across all games. You will retain your current role within each project you are a part of, but the structure and naming of roles across all of CurseForge will remain consistent. With this, we are retiring a few game-specific roles and transitioning them to one of our global roles.
    - “Admin” roles will now become “Author” roles
    - “Temp Owner” roles will now become “Former Author” roles
  • Most of CurseForge will be updated during this launch, but there will be a few areas of the site that will remain as-is until future updates:
    - Authors CF and the Rewards Store
    - Post history and reputation history in your profile
    - Paste

We know you might have some more questions regarding these changes, and we’re here to answer them! We’ve assembled a FAQ of the most anticipated questions below. If there’s anything else you’d like clarification on, please reach out to us via our , the CurseForge discord, or in the comments on this post!


Q: Why is this happening?
A: Operating two different sites causes significant technical debt when trying to add new features. Unifying the experience not only streamlines the CurseForge experience for users, but it also allows us to focus our efforts on providing the best experience possible for our users.

Q: What is happening to Bukkit, WowAce, SC2Mapster, and Skyrimforge?
A: Skyrimforge is being migrated under WowAce, Bukkit, and SC2Mapster will remain as separate domains for our initial launch.

Q: What will happen to my project site(s)?
A: With site unification, project sites are being deprecated. In the new CurseForge, authors will still be able to manage their projects but users will not be able to see those settings.

Q: Where are my PM’s and how will these work on one site?
A: PM’s will functionally stay the same, but all PM’s will be unified under one inbox.

Q: What will happen to and how do I access the Rewards Program/Store?
A: There will be no changes made to for our V1 launch this upcoming June. The Rewards program will also remain untouched for this launch.

Q: How will the forums be affected by this change?
A: All forums will be unified into one board under the Forums for Bukkit, and SC2Mapster will remain separate for our initial launch.

Q: Why is my Username different now/how do I change my name?
A: Your displayed username will now be your Twitch username. Your username can be updated through your .

Q: How do I submit a project?
A: There will be a button in the main header and on most pages (check out the images above!)

Q: Where do I manage my projects and how do I view all of my projects
A: There will be no change in how you will manage and view your projects. However, your project pages will be updated with a new look.

Q: Will the Author Dashboard exist on this new site?
A: The Author Dashboard will remain as-is for our initial launch.


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