STARJam Winners!

Daniel Brewer
Dec 13, 2018 · 2 min read

The STARJam contest is over so it is time to announce the winners!

CurseForge Pick

1st Place: You’ve Got Mail — Twitch Integration by SkySomm.

This project scored a 44 out of 50 with our Judges!

This project allows viewers to buy in-game mail for streamers by using Bits! It had a companion Extension that handled the Twitch Interaction and allowed users to pick what items and add a personal note!

2nd Place: Blessings and Curses by GenDeathrow.

This project scored a 30 out of 50 with our Judges!

The idea behind this project was to give random buffs and debuffs to the player every X amount of days. (Configurable what X is). This mod also added in the ability for a broadcaster to reward viewers by spawning slimes with bits, and allowing a new sub a resub to jump in as Junimo.

Full Score List!

Community Vote

1st Place: Snail Mail by Darkhax.

This project adds in new types of mail to Stardew Valley and improves the overall diversity of what you can recieve. This ranges from items, quests, recipes and more!

2nd Place: Razolyn the Magnificent ~ Wizard Replacement by Misscoriel.

Have you ever wanted to replace Rasmodius? Well you can with the more lively Razolyn! She has a few heart events for you to interact with as well as a companion mod that adds in a completely changed house and room setup!

Full Results can be found on the voting page

Unique Downloads

1st Place: Stardew Valley Randomizer by Tooshi

A complete overhaul of Stardew Valley that is completely random! This mod will change Crafting Recipes, Crop Prices, Weather, Fishing and more, you’ll even get a madlib’d letter from Grampa! Check it out!

2nd Place: Tool Geodes by SpaceChase

This mod lets you augment and enhance your tools with geodes!

Congratulations to all of the Winners and thank you to all of the authors who submitted a project to STARJam! Let us know what mods you are excited about and share with us the awesome new experiences you have!


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Easily host your game UGC projects with CurseForge!

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Easily host your game UGC projects with CurseForge!