Twitch Username Sync

Greetings everyone, we have a big change happening soon on CurseForge!

On Wednesday, May 15th, we will be syncing all usernames on CurseForge with your Twitch Username. CurseForge will be in read-only for a few hours while this change is implemented.

This change means the username on your Twitch account will now be used as your username on CurseForge. Anytime you update your Twitch username, the change will sync and update to CurseForge as well.

We want to let you in on why we’re making these changes. Not only do we already require Twitch login to use CurseForge, we also will be merging all CurseForge sites during our Site Unification happening in June, and this requires a single username across all sites. Streamlining CurseForge usernames with Twitch will also allow us to roll out even more updates to CurseForge.

Again, we’ll be deploying these changes on 5/15. Please remember that CurseForge will be in a read-only state for a few hours during this time. If you are experiencing any issues in regards to this change after Wednesday, feel free to contact us via or on Twitter.