Curtis Thornton — Résumé

“Curtis has been a invaluable asset for our web development needs, he’s a self taught expert on our back end programming, which demonstrates his natural technical talent. Through his work, he has all but eliminated any downtime on our websites, which in the past had happened with some frequency. Curtis has volunteered to take on the role of overseeing our production process, from ad creation to page layout, no simple or easy task.”

–Pat Martin, Publisher of People Newspapers

Work Experience


August 2016 — Present
Art Director — Production Team

Designed and maintained all UI and UX assets for all software owned by Pearl Technologies, along with a team of designers and developers. Creates print-ready material for all marketing collateral.


May 2014 — August 2016
Art Director & Web Developer

Responsible for a wide variety of design-related and front-end development tasks including but not limited to print layout, ad design, preflight, checking or correcting ads for printability, website maintenance, web design, blog post scheduling, and maintaining social media branding.


Fall 2012
Intern — Production Team

Created print-ready ads for clients as well as updated existing ads for new design standards. Adhered to a strict multi-book deadline schedule for multiple publications at any given time.



Bachelor of Science in Technology
Commercial Graphics Major

Studied and completed courses involving but not limited to Typography, Color Theory, Web Design, Layout, Print Production, Paper Identification & Management, Color Reproduction, Offset, Flexography, and Screen printing.

Experience & Proficiencies


Color theory / management, Style guide generation / framework / implementation, Page layout, Typography, Visual communication, Design theory / composition, Hierarchy, Brand standards, Impact, Target audience, Storytelling.

Web Applications

HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, CMS, Markdown, Squarespace, Carrd, Github, Bootstrap, Material Design, cPanel.


Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, Lightroom, Bridge, Muse, Slack, Wunderlist, JIRA, Atom, Automator, Evernote, Flinto, Invison, OneNote, Keep, Zeplin.