Main Street Greens

I was recently contacted by my good friend Holly to redesign a logo for an LGBT soccer support group in Oklahoma called the Main Street Greens.

Here are some of the initial designs I came up with.

Once I had the base design down, I worked on creating a badge to look a little more official. I also added some elements found in the older version of their logo to incorporate the new design.

I ran these ideas by some colleagues to get their input. Even though I recieved some great feedback, this design was not what Holly was looking for. After showing me some examples of other logos, it was clear that the need for a soccer ball on the badge itself was not necessary. From there, I was able to put together a stripped down version of the badge and add some more relatable elements.

The final design that was chosen was the badge featuring the lightning bolt. All I had to do from there was clean up the design, make it print-ready, and add some color and different versions. The final design is shown here:

With the design finished, I decided to work on some other assets the team could use, such as business cards and backgrounds for social media posts.