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Curtis Obiwan

Apr 19, 2021

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So, three weeks ago, I considered starting this publication.

I took some time and created the medium account. Then I thought, I needed some structure and some ideas on what I should write about.

I then closed Medium and opened my Notes app and came up with some structured frameworks for good writing.

Guess what happened next…. crickets. Silence… no story… nothing.

Okay, I closed my Apple Notes app and opened Evernote.

Haha! Nothing.

See, not like nothing, nothing… But, I was stuck in planning and trying to make it perfect.

So, I am here today. I am writing about nothing.

How did I get here?

When I decided that I want to write regularly, I asked myself on how I would make some time to write. After some thinking, I decided that I will write after finishing any major tasks of the day. I will take 30mins a day to write something. Maybe not enough to publish, but I’ll write.

It is 3 weeks since I decided I will be writing and since then, I have written nothing.

That’s why I decided to write today. Directly in Medium. No intermediate apps.

Guess what. For a moment, I considered switching to Tumblr. Then I realized that it was escapism. I wanted to get into configuration mode so as to escape from writing.

Okay. What will I write about?

If you are still reading, then you’re as crazy as me. So I will keep off the shame and just say it at this point… after all, this version of me is equally as crazy as you ;)

Yup. What will I write about?

I will be writing about the things I am ashamed or afraid of writing about.

This is not my real account.

I must confess, I live more than one lives; and the other versions of me are totally voiceless. I want to give these versions a voice.

So, I will write about different topics that I am too afraid or ashamed to be seen writing about. The things I can’t say in public with my face. The versions of me that I have not yet shown others. Here is their voice.

What will be my writing style?

Seriously, I won’t care about that for now. Not like I don’t like style. Seriously, I love style. But I will pick whatever style I feel like using at any point in time and express myself.

I know what you’re thinking… YES! Curtis Obiwan is an avatar. He’s not real. He is a shadow of myself. He has always been there, voiceless. I love him so much. Some people know him. I want him to have his own voice.

Yeah, I know I love him and I am kinda ashamed being connected to him.

We are working on our relationship. At least for now, I am giving him his voice.

Okay, let’s get back to Curtis talking.

I will write about my thoughts, experiences, dreams, fascinations, stories, ideas and anything.

Let me get on with writing.