3D Threat Detection That Should Be Replacing Standard Metal Detectors

Source: Broadband Discovery Systems

Metal detectors have become a necessary staple at many types of places we are all familiar with. From airports to sports arenas and most government buildings, if you’re trying to get in you will have to go though some sort of security, a process that is lengthy and frustrating at best. How can we improve a necessary security measure to make it faster and safer at the same time? The answer is RONIN, broadband Discovery Systems’ 3D threat detection system.

This system goes beyond detecting metal by looking for specific signatures of threat items and ignoring others, such as a laptop or keys, and can scan individuals from all angles within a crowed. Staff can remotely monitor the checkpoints which can be installed in virtually any entry way structure — walls, columns, doorframes, pole fixtures, external concrete pillars. If permanent installations are not desired there is also a portable option that can be deployed for short term use, making it ideal for large public events such as concerts, marathons, or prominent guest speakers.

As a non-invasive, cost effective, advanced security measure it should be an easy choice for anyone looking to improve the public’s safety. Police departments in metropolitan areas should consider the permanent and portable options of this system for large scale events as well as for day to day concerns such as entrances to public transportation centers and public landmarks. Technology such as the RONIN system should be embraced as the new generation of improved threat detection and deterrence.


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