The vegetarian city: Turning vegetarian to protect the environment.

An Italian city, Turin, may become the world’s first vegetarian city, according to a manifesto released by its major recently which promises to make the promotion of vegetarian and vegan diets a “priority” in the whole city while not creating a contrast with the meat industry, in order to promote “the environmental culture” as a first step to safeguard the environment.

How could turn Turin into a vegetarian city help to protect the environment? The main reason is concerned that people consume too much meat now, especially in some developed countries like Australia, USA and the European Union. According to an estimation from the FAO, domesticated ruminants (such as sheep and cows) release about 100 million tons of greenhouse gas every year. And beef is even worse, which has 5 times climate-warming emissions.

Image: OECD, Tech Insider

“The biggest intervention people could make towards reducing their carbon footprints would not be to abandon cars, but to eat significantly less red meat,” said Professor Tim Benton. With the increasing number of vegetarians, an optimized prediction is that vegetarianism would be encouraged and welcomed by governments and citizens which may result in an obvious decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond that, also being applauded by climate campaigners, China’s government plans to cut the meat consumption by 50% by encouraging citizens having more food directly from the ground.


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