What is next? Uber? Africa?

From human moving to food delivery(Uber Eats), from San Francisco to over 400 cities worldwide, from a tech firm to a data center, what is your next step, Uber? Will you become the transportation system of the globe? How far can you reach?

Just merged with Chinese biggest local car hailing service provider DIDI, Uber is going to expand its territory to African countries. Uber has been one of the most aggressive companies, it wants to reach to every corner of our lives. After issued their IPO, Uber made plans to built driverless vehicles. Since then, it has opened a research center in Pittsburgh, where it put the first of its self-driving cars on the road just last month. It also acquired self-driving truck company Otto.

African countries, who seem like not so involved with this third technology revolution around the globe, now are pulling by the gravity of the revolution. A million trips was in Nigeria two years after it started there. Local people even regard Uber as ambulance instead of waiting for the wanting resources from the city, as a cab will arrive in 5 mins.

“We are always looking at cities.” — Uber

By looking at Uber’s activities, its data is playing more and more important roles. Trying to take advantage of its data, Uber now is thinking attract more economic activity than just offering car rides. For example, car insurance, car washing services and car mechanics-repair service, even offering credit ratings to individuals who would not get a bank loan otherwise. Uber used to outsource their data to data service companies like Looker, now Uber is building its data scientist team.

Why Uber can become the one of the fewest US companies that ever enter into China and made itself stayed? I believe Uber did hired all star team of lobbyists, with all the languages they can speak. In fact, Uber was accused of hiring too many lobbyists to influence policy making process. Wether Uber is a good company or not, the core of its business is to provide connection, to reach people with needs, with the greatest efficiency.

I wish more and more countries in Africa could access to the internet and to the Uber services, then they can access to the outside more easily.

Thank you for your time to read this article.