Why Should You Prefer Mobile-Compatible LMS in the First Place?

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There has been a lot of chatter about whether you should go for a mobile-compatible LMS or not. The question arises due to the advantages and disadvantages that people see in opting for it and there is nothing wrong with doubting your choices and finding the best balance to fulfill your requirements. However, thousands of corporates and educational institutions have shared their experiences about mobile compatible LMS and why they prefer these types of systems over the traditional ones, and with the help of their insights and recommendations, we have curated this blog to answer one of the hottest questions, “Why should you prefer mobile — compatible LMS in the first place?”

So if you too hold the doubt about the same, ensure you read this post till the end as you are going to find some amazing insights on the perks of having an LMS that can be used, managed, and accessed from your smartphone and what are the common use cases in which a mobile compatible LMS will be of great use for you and your goals. Without further ado, let us first understand what are mobile compatible LMSs all about.

Mobile Compatible LMS: A Better Learning Experience

People often do not realize but they are always stuck with their phones wherever they go. Smartphones have become an integral part of every individual and with that comes a lot of benefits. A smartphone user never has to worry about missing out on any update related to the market, sports, workplace, family, or anything at all! The reason? A smartphone that has an internet connection and the best part, is it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This is how a smartphone makes your life easier. But we already know all of it, then what’s the point? Well, the motive behind sharing all these insights is to help you realize that you are already dealing with your problems and tasks with a smartphone and now, your smartphone can also allow you to keep in touch with your courses and provide you with a more convenient way of learning.

A mobile compatible LMS is one of the best things that can happen for people looking for eLearning software development solutions. You see, when you are based on your PC, the accessibility takes a massive hit as you can not carry a PC everywhere. Carrying laptops also becomes inconvenient and that is why, when you can open a path towards a cell phone, the possibilities are endless. A learning experience can be enhanced 4 folds if you opt for a mobile compatible LMS and that is just one of the thousands of stats available to support the claims.

Mobile learning has always been the ultimate goal for people as a smartphone is more convenient, easily available, and most important of all, more affordable for people. Every individual carries a smartphone with them and that in itself opens up a great opportunity for eLearning enterprises. Forget about anywhere else, in the USA, 85% of the total population has access to smartphones while 97% of the people have some kind of cell phone. If you ask LMS development companies, the requirement of mobile-compatible systems has risen significantly in the past few years, and that in itself can be a great factor for you to base your decision on. If a sea of clientele is not something that encourages you to form your decision, do not worry, we also have listed the benefits of using a mobile compatible LMS system and how it can skyrocket you and your vision. Check these benefits out in the next section!

Benefits of Using a Mobile-Compatible LMS: How It Can Assist Your Enterprise?

Every individual is well acquainted with the benefits of using an LMS. learning becomes much easier when there is a set system for what modules to teach, what content to present, and one of the most important features, providing freedom of access to people so that they do not get bound with a time. That means, whenever an individual is free he/she can access the lectures on the LMS and study and the same goes for the instructors. Now, let’s take a further step and understand how all of it can be made more helpful and effective by implementing an LMS system that runs equally smooth on a mobile device.

1. Higher Retention

It is no rocket science that retention rate is one of the most important factors of success. The higher retention you have, the more successful your software is. People who can access their learning programs through their smartphones tend to retain more information than any other way of learning. There are no delays and the best part is they willingly open their smartphones to learn things. When you have a touch-based UI and gamified modules, the user tends to understand the concepts better. Not to forget, a smartphone offers more options for going social with learning. Social learning is the future and a mobile-based LMS can help you live the future today!

2. Better Reach

The stats for the number of users are already an eye-opening number for the people. When you make a web-based eLearning platform, you are inviting people to use a website and for that, they will have to be around a computer as websites are not really smooth and responsive when it comes to using them on a smartphone. People often do not have access to the resources required however, every individual can afford a smartphone and hence you reach quadruples when you have a mobile-friendly LMS. Think about it!

3. Enhanced User-Experience

The ease of accessibility, interactive modules, quizzes, and touch-based inputs already bring the taste of a great user experience to a smartphone, and with an LMS that can help you curate content for the same, you can achieve great heights in creating a user experience that is high on engagement for your users. A better user experience always derives better results for any app or website and especially when it comes to learning as the students or corporate employees look for something that insists more on providing content rather than cluttering the interface with unnecessary features. On mobile-friendly LMS platforms, the chances of getting users to learn more are easier. Also, LMS integration has opened new doors for expanded enhancement in the experience.

4. More Engagement

The completion percentage of the courses that your users take up is the real measure of the engagement in your software. There are hardly any web-based learning platforms that have a cent-percent completion rate, on the other hand, you may find so many mobile-compatible LMS-based platforms with better engagement and higher completion rates. The logic behind these comparisons is obvious. Whenever an individual has free time, they tend to turn towards their smartphones and if they have access to their learning material, they are more than happy to watch it and take assessments instead of wasting their data on social media.

5. Helpful in Cost-Cutting

For any e-learning development company, cost-cutting is important as you can not go full-fledged from the very beginning. You do not have to come up with devices on which you have to sell your learning experience. You might have seen many organizations coming up with tablets, laptops specifically engineered to provide a better learning experience. Well, in the case of mobile compatible LMS, you do not have to worry about those factors as your user already holds a smartphone in his/her hands. All you have to do is set up a robust mechanism that is user-friendly and helpful for the learner and you are good to go. If you can find a mobile app development company suitable for that, you can enjoy the benefits unconditionally!

These 5 benefits are the generalized features of using a mobile compatible LMS. you can easily enhance the overall quality by introducing more techniques in your LMS such as gamification, interactive learning content, multiple formats for better course coverage, easy multiple authoring tools for mobile learning, and whatnot. Getting a custom LMS development company like A3logics on your side can be of great help for you in these decisions. Usually, people do not like using an LMS that is overloaded with features, and hence a custom approach can assist you in handpicking the perfect balance between usability and features in your field.

Final Thoughts

It all boils down to this, if you need better coverage, more command on your product, and a wider audience that is easy to approach, you must go for a mobile-based LMS. Sure you might feel that it is not necessary as learning needs discipline and one can not sit down and use a smartphone while learning and that is one way of looking at things however, looking at the way the attention span of humans is going down, thanks to user social medial interaction, you have no other option than to make learning fun and interesting for them and when you can directly tap them in their smartphones, it gets a lot easier to win the attention of your user. Clearly, a mobile-compatible LMS is a much better option!



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