Segment to Sell More Effectively

Selling getSayDo has provided sales insights you may appreciate. We’ve noticed two distinct prospect audiences. Check out these observations to improve your sales focus:

Audience #1: Old School

  1. Hates sales calls. I rely on existing relationships to get things done. Who the h-e double hockey stick are you?
  2. Evaluates based on costs. How much? Can you cut us a deal? How do we cancel?
  3. Must socialize innovation. If this fails, my job could be jeopardized. I need to get some more names attached before I say go.
  4. Is insular? How much work is required of us?
  5. Is selfish? This is powerful. No, I can’t recommend/connect you with anyone else in our industry.

Audience #2: New School

  1. Is excited to receive your call. You could be the spark that makes our business soar! Sup Lawrence, whatcha got?
  2. Pilots innovation. How soon can you get a test up and running?
  3. Evaluates based on opportunity. If we like it, how quickly can you scale?
  4. Is customer oriented. How much time is required of our customers?
  5. Is collegial. This is sweet. Let me connect you with some other businesses in our network.

Now, these segments are not age-driven. They’re mind states. Old School employees are complacent, and thus view new solutions as a risky platform that could mess up a good thing. Conversely, New School employees are hungry, and thus view new solutions as tools to hunt more effectively.

As we get better at segmenting, we are rewarded with more time – to think and act in ways that drive more effective selling.


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