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Introducing Seeking Wisdom: A Podcast From Drift

May 26, 2016 · 2 min read

Learning is one of the keys to our culture here at Drift.

We’re always learning — whether it’s from our customers, our teammates, books we’ve read, heck even Medium posts sometimes.

And we believe that the only “growth hack” is learning from others.

That’s why today, we’re launching Seeking Wisdom, a podcast to help accelerate your learning.

OK OK. Launching might be a little bit of a lie.

Introducing Seeking Wisdom

We’ve actually been doing this podcast for a few months now. Once a week, Dave Gerhardt and David Cancel sit down and talk about things like:

And more.

But today, we’re re-launching it as part of Drift.

Once a week, we’ll be sharing everything we’re learning building Drift, and we’re kicking that mission off with this episode on How To Set Goals For Your Startup:

But we’ll still be talking about things like how to read more, how to be more productive, work/life balance and everything in between.

How To Listen To Seeking Wisdom

Step two: put headphones into your ears.

But if you need to actually find Seeking Wisdom first, here are all of the links you might need so you can subscribe right now so you never miss a new episode:

Happy listening.

PS. Learn more about what we’re up to at Drift.

Customer Driven

Lessons from the trenches of building a customer-driven company.


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Sharing the lessons we’re learning building Boston’s next pillar company.

Customer Driven

Lessons from the trenches of building a customer-driven company.

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