Activate more customers with the perfect smart onboarding for your SaaS

An automated smart onboarding can greatly increase user retention and revenue for your SaaS. Check out how to do it!

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you should, because a great first impression through a great SaaS onboarding process can determine if your users will activate or run away from your app. How to simplify their online experience and make them love your app at “first login”? The answer is simple: by developing a high-touch onboarding process.

Why you should care about the customer onboarding

SaaS onboarding is pretty much about making the user get to know the product interface, play around with it, explore and actively learn how to navigate wherever they need.

Differently from simple applications with a single functionality, a SaaS onboarding process can be much more complex, and take much longer to be taught and to be well learnt by users.

That’s because there are more features, tools and screens to show and explain to users.

An example of an high-touch onboarding sequence of tasks:

  1. The user starts using and gets familiar with the interface;
  2. He learns the basic inner logic, the “How-it-Works” of the system;
  3. He learns how to perform basic actions and fully interact with the product;
  4. He can finally start to use the product properly on his own.

Why is an high-touch onboarding process so important?

Well, by making the user start using the product WHILE he learns how to do it, they’ll be comfortable with the interface and probably will login again later to use it and learn more about its functionalities. And that, my friend, is an important element of a customer retention strategy.

You can achieve three important goals by improving your onboarding process:

Less customer service requests

An intuitive smart onboarding is there to help new users, not to complicate their lives. So, you’ll probably want to change your efforts from delighting your customers to help them in what they need.

More activated users

Good onboarding experiences increase the chances that trial users become active users and start paying for better features because they already know your product and its potential. More than that, active AND happy users are more likely to give their feedback and report bugs.

Increase customer retention

After they grow very fond of your app, you can say goodbye to high churn rates. How can they grow fond of an app? With a remarkable first impression. Just by using in-app messages, companies can retain 61% of their users in the first month, opposed to 28% from companies that don’t use in-app messages (source).

Every one of these goals is connected: if you want to engage your customers from their first moment in your product, you need to cultivate their loyalty and a long-lasting relationship. And without an effective SaaS onboarding process, they won’t be able to use the product on its full capability, and unfortunately, the churn rate will hauntingly increase.

Put your mind in the onboarding process

The task of turning beginners into master users demands a well-planned onboarding strategy. It involves targeted notifications and reminders, onboarding emails, a creative UX design intended to help the user navigate easily throughout the initial usage steps, and of course, full dedication to the user experience.

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