Personal data collected by internet giants

Infographic: SecurityBaron

This table allows you to quickly view the amount of personal data that we deliver to the large technology platforms in exchange for using and enjoying their services and possibilities. We must be aware that our data is the currency with which we reward access to these new technologies, but also that we are not obliged to grant all the data and that we can choose what to provide or not to Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook, for example.

Thus, all the links that we receive through our Gmail email are registered and analyzed by Google, and we cannot avoid this; but we can upload some images to Google Photos and not others; publish or not on Facebook some personal data (date of birth, telephone) that are optional, or not authorize Twitter our geolocation, among many other options.

It is cumbersome, but you have to take the trouble to review the privacy and security conditions in the configuration of our profiles on social networks and e-commerce platforms, instant messaging, forums, cloud storage services, video games and others. Technology is a great advantage and a source of satisfaction, but we must be aware at all times of the price in the form of data and loss of privacy that we pay for it.

Originally published at on December 19, 2018.



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