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Third Serving: Extra-hot CutiePi Shell Demo & A Spread on MagPi

It has been nearly 2 months since we last baked you a CutiePiping hot update, so we made sure this edition, the first for this year, is extra special.

5 things.

First, Happy 2020! Over the holidays we have attended weddings, voted for a new president, and ate our weight. Also, and more importantly, thank you for checking back in. Just because we missed last month’s blog update doesn’t mean we were slacking off. Far from it, we were hard at work trying to leap closer towards our goal. How close you ask? Well, read on and we’ll let you guys be the judge of that. So with that we move on to…

Second, CutiePi was featured on The MagPi issue #89! This marks CutiePi’s first print publication and we couldn’t be more excited about it. So excited, we decided to link it on this very blog: The MagPi - CutiePi project showcase.

Third, hardware updates.

The professionally designed enclosure mock-up is ALMOST done. We just need to tighten a few more loose screws.

What’s that? You want to see a video of the prototype EVEN if it’s still just the printed chassis? Well look no further than the next line:

We are currently in discussion with a company that does injection molding, in preparation for the completion of the final enclosure design.

Fourth, software updates.

Behold, the CutiePi shell, a mobile UI built for Raspberry Pi and Raspbian OS. It’s smooth, slick, and responsive, and we are quite proud of it.

Source code repository:

But don’t just read it, see it in action by clicking on the link for our video demo:

And to let you know we are serious about being open, we have released source for the CutiePi shell, and along with it a pre-built Raspbian image for testing, the details can be found in the release page.

Fifth and last, and it’s all about our crowdfunding launch period.
Almost all the designs are completed, and those that are have already been released. At the rate we are going, we can safely say that we can launch sometime this Spring, 2020. We wanted to have more information to share, but alas, the Chinese New Year did not want to cooperate with our plans.

And that’s five things.



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