4 myths companies should dispel in the times of Corona outbreak

Nikunj Verma
Mar 25 · Unlisted

It’s hard to believe. Something that we didn’t know 4 weeks ago has competely taken over our lives now.

For organization builders such as founders, Talent Acquisition/HR folks these are unchartered waters. They are assessing impact on their business plans and taking a call on their hiring goals. This post highlights some key facts to help them take the right decision.

But before we begin,

If your business plans are severely hurt by this outbreak, then of course, your focus would naturally be on surviving through this crisis. At CutShort, we are happy to help you in whatever possible. Just email us at covidsupport@cutshort.io if you’d like to leverage our reach and community to reach more customers, loan out your redundant employees,etc.

Myth #1: Companies are not hiring anymore

While it’s true that companies in many sectors are badly hurt by the Corona outbreak and have stopped their hiring and even started layoffs.

However for most companies in technology space, the business plans remain unchanged and so is the need to hire great talent. This is confirmed by the recruiter activity on CutShort:

Recruiters actively hiring on CutShort in last 4 months.

As you can see, this graph shows a moderate dip — nothing earth shattering yet.

Myth #2: Good talent won’t be looking for jobs at this time

An extension of the above myth, this assumes people are too displaced to think about a job change.

But again, our data proves that this is not the case:

Candidate signups on CutShort in last 4 months.

One explanation of this is that while doing #WFH, people are realizing the problems with their jobs and want to shake things up.

Myth #3 We need to wait this out. Things will become normal again

Granted, this was the most common first reaction. And rightly so.

However, but now with drastic measures such as 21 day lockdown and the outbreak graph of other countries, it seems normal times won’t be back anytime soon. There might be more lockdowns in future (hopefully of shorter duration) and employees preferences might shift more toward working from home.

So, waiting or adding short term fixes to your hiring process won’t serve you well. Right from hiring to onboarding to working, we all need make our processes remote friendly.

Myth #4 This is a crisis with no silver linings

Yes, it’s an ugly crisis no one wanted to deal with.

However, the same was true for demonetization. But despite all its pain, it lead to one irreversible change — a much wider acceptability of digital payments.

Similarly, it seems this Corona outbreak will lead to some irreversible changes.

  • Companies might discover that #WFH is actually a great option, at least for some specific job functions such as Software Development, Customer Support, Content writing and so on. It costs less, gives higher productivity and keeps employees happy.
  • Great candidates might prefer companies that offer remote work options. This is a good opportunity to setup your work processes to enable remote work. By doing this, you will have strong competitive advantage.


This Corona outbreak is perhaps the biggest crisis businesses have faced in recent times.

However, this can also be an opportunity. To make longer term changes in their hiring and working processes so that they are future ready.

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