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Priyank Agrawal
Apr 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Isn’t this weird — while companies complain they can’t get good talent, there are hordes of talented professionals who are unable to easily find their next big opportunity.

At CutShort, we are building an intelligent and tech-enabled platform that removes noise and connects these two sides seamlessly. More than 7000 companies have used our platform to hire 3x more people in 1/3rd the time and more than 300,000 professionals have gotten a great experience that just works.

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We are not a conventional startup

Being conventional gives you predicability and scale. You can hire an army of people, give them a roadmap and make them execute it.

We have chosen to be not a conventional startup. This means, we want to build a team that is always asking questions, always innovating and along side — scaling what we already know.

A conventional startup will have thinkers (typically founders), leaders (“managers”) and executors (“engineers”).

In a conventional startup, you can be one of these 3 roles and you’d be fine. But then, CutShort isn’t a conventional company. Like Google, we don’t intend to be one.

Hence at CutShort, you need to be ALL of these. Not just 1 or 2.

So what does this mean?

Be a strategic thinker

Always be asking —

Why you’re doing what you’re doing?

What’s the biggest impact you can bring to the lives of your customers

What’s the easiest/fastest way to bring that impact?

We appreciate engineers who thinking from first principles and stand in the user’s shoe to evaluate things. We don’t look at the no of lines of code or the time spent to find the solution but the degree of problem you solved for the user and how much impact will it have in their experience/lives.

Be an inspiring leader

Take Ownership

Thinking an idea is simple. But getting it done is often hard.

We want people to take ownership of whatever problem they are solving. This empowers individuals to find/create/change the solution for better. Also enforces a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Self-Learning Capabilities

We all know the tech world moves very fast, each day new tools and technologies are built. A lot of time you will come across engineering problems you don't have the answer to. Self-learning capabilities are superpowers in trying times.

Not knowing a technology/tool is ok. But lack of curiosity/will to learn, is not.

Disagree Openly

When you have passionate ambitious smart brains looking for solutions. Disagreements are bound to occur. We appreciate everyone putting up their views with logical reasoning, irrespective of their designation. But once a decision is talking by the team, everyone needs to commit to making it successful.

Execute fast and smart

Keep it Simple

We engineers are obsessed about solving complex problems. Tons of problems have simple solutions. We appreciate simple elegant solutions over complex less effective ones.

No place for egos

A lot of companies/corporate ruin there culture because of ego problems. We believe egos only add negative value and thus are a big NO.

Pedigree is not important

Being from a premier institute is good but it does not give you any precedence. We prefer you to prove your self with skills and projects.


Most of our decisions are driven by data because ‘Data never lies’. In the absence of data, logical thinking takes over.

Productivity > Presence

No of hours at the office is not a metric we look for, if you are done with your work for the day, leave early. At the same time, we expect you to put in extra hours if you are running behind your goals.


We believe failures are always bundled with lessons. It’s ok to make a mistake (and learn from it) until you repeat it.

It's ok to fail while trying rather than failing to try.


Build something today you will be proud of a month/year down the line 🚀

Trust and respect is your currency

We are not just another startup. We like to work smart, hard and enjoy when we find time. It’s not the other way around. :)

We wrote about this on Twitter:

So, are you game?

We are hiring.

Check out our jobs here:

If you don’t see a position, email us at


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