Helping core teams at startups that are closing down

It first happened a few weeks ago. We talked to two co-founders who had recently shut down their Mumbai based startup turning to CutShort to find full time jobs. They had started their venture in 2015 but decided to close it down due to lack of scale/funding.

This wasn’t odd. After all, 50% of the startups fail in the first year of inception.

But then it started happening very frequently. Every week, our team would routinely discover co-founders/tech leads/marketing heads/operation heads looking to connect with new employers.

It’s then we spotted the trend — an increasing number of the ventures started 1 or 2 years ago are rapidly shutting down. In Sep, 2016, Inc 42 reported shutdown of more than 500 startups in previous 20 months. Accounting for lesser known startups and the increased pace of failures recently, it won’t be surprising if the total number of shutdowns crosses 2500 by the end of 2016.

All this smart and enterprising talent — left direction-less

These are obviously smart & passionate folks — cofounders, marketers, growth hackers, developers who had the passion and the courage to start or join an early stage startup.

But despite their strengths, finding their next opportunities is not proving easy. They don’t simply want a job — they want a challenge that does justice to their skill sets and helps them learn. And not many companies have such open roles that fit and excite them. And there is also an issue with finding a fit for these experienced folks due to the cultural or organization fit related concerns.

Announcing “The KickStarters Phase 2”: An online event to connect experienced startup folks with their next opportunities

To help these cofounders and core team members at such startups, we are organizing an online event on 12th January. The idea is to seamlessly connect this talent pool with the companies that have the right roles for them.


  • When and where is this event: This event will happen online on 22nd December on CutShort. No need to travel anywhere. Just connect with the right employers discretely.
  • Is there a pricing: No. This is completely free for CutShort users.
  • What kind of people I can hire at this event: As the name “The Kickstarters” suggests, these will be cofounders/tech leads/marketing heads/operation heads cofounders at a startup that has laid off people or closed down.
  • What kind of companies will be attending this event: Right from early staged to funded to profitable product companies. All the employers will be verified. We will not give access to third party recruitment agencies.