Two weeks after the PubMatic layoffs: here is what we have achieved so far

A bit of context first: Two weeks ago, we heard the unfortunate news that PubMatic was laying off 100+ people. To help the employees affected by this, we started an initiative to connect them with their prospective employers easily on our platform.

Here is a brief checkpoint on what has happened since then.

40 companies have shown interest

We got interest from several big names — such as Symantec, BMC, Crest Software and along with several fast-growing startups such as Houzify, TravelYaari, Dimentrix Technologies, EverTeam, Boomerang Commerce, Izel Technologies, Qualys , Zentest software and many more.

Many companies reached out from the media and ad-tech space, such as Sokrati, Yukta Media, Fork Media, Mediastinct , Bonzai Ad and even some based overseas such as Aki Technologies PulsePoint & JustPemium Ad Exchange. These companies have been asked to check out the profiles on SocialHelpouts.

You can see the entire list here.

47 employees from PubMatic joined us

Word went around and we have about 47 PubMatic employees joining the initiative and creating their short profiles. The profiles are a mixed bag — with around 1/4th technical background and rest from business backgrounds such as operations, account management & digital marketing. Here is the breakdown:

To see the profiles, login to SocialHelpouts and click this link:

The Results

These companies are checking out the profiles on SocialHelpouts and reaching out to them on via the platform and, in many cases, directly on LinkedIn. Many companies have also added their jobs to make it easy for people to get in touch with them.

We estimate that about 100+ conversations have been initiated after visiting SocialHelpouts so far. Companies such as Crest have reported having positive interviews already.

The challenge

The challenge has been a little mismatch between the companies & affected employees. While the companies are mostly looking for people in technical roles, 75% of the affected employees are from non-tech roles such as operations, account management & digital marketing.

Next steps and how you can help

We plan to follow up with the existing companies and also plan to reach out to more.

If you know people who got affected in the PubMatic layoff please inform them about checking out SocialHelpouts.

If you know someone who is hiring in operations, account management or digital marketing: please ask them to visit SocialHelpouts and check out all the awesome PubMatic folks that can join their team.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve, do let us know at

About us: SocialHelpouts is an open network to discover and connect with the right people leveraging your social graph. The platform is absolutely free.