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CV Summit: Ringing in the Crypto Spring with the Swiss President

While crashing exchange rates and the so-called crypto winter led many people to believe the blockchain hype might come to an end, the sold-out 4th edition, of the CV Summit painted a different picture: The main . theme “#BUIDL towards Crypto Spring” was reflected and discussed in many keynotes, panels and present projects, which showed that the industry has reached the next level.

With 1,000 attendees, 70 speakers and 26 sessions, the CV Summit in Zug was again the premier gathering of the blockchain community in the Crypto Valley. Organized by inacta and the blockchain investment company CV VC, the summit reunites startups, corporates, thought leaders and service providers in the blockchain space.

Ueli Maurer

Swiss President and Head of the Federal Department of Finance Ueli Maurer emphasized the supportive approach of the Swiss Government towards new technologies and said:

Switzerland is in a very good position to benefit from the blockchain technology. With the blockchain report we are going to further improve our legal framework for the industry. These regulatory changes will make Switzerland even more attractive for new players and new services.

2019 –THE YEAR OF STABLECOINS? On stage: Aleksander Berentsen, Professor, Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel + Thiago Cesar, CEO, Transfero Swiss + Emilie Raffo, Geneva Ambassador, Stablecoin.Foundation + Eduardo Salazar, CEO, Forctis + Armin Schmid, CEO, Swiss Crypto Tokens

“In keynotes, panels and personal conversations, it became clear that not only crypto spring has arrived, but that the industry has reached an important tipping point: Many startups used the last months to focus on technology developments to solve real-life problems. Additionally, big corporations have launched internal teams or invest in the technology and new products, which will drive blockchain adaption further.”
– Mathias Ruch, Founder and CEO CV VC.

Winner of the CV Competition for Real Estate

In an effort to encourage blockchain innovation and foster the Crypto Valley ecosystem, the CV Competition offers startups and teams developing blockchain-based solutions for the real estate industry.

An opportunity to win a cash prize of $100 000, with no strings attached, as well as access to the industry executives, coaching and free office space in the Crypto Valley Labs, located in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland.

Each competition targets a specific industry, this time it is the Real Estate industry. Out of over 130 Applications we selected the TOP 10.

CV Competition for Real Estate — TOP 35 Summary

The USD 100,000 cash prize of the CV Competition for Real Estate goes to Blocksquare. With a blockchain based system, the startup enables established real estate companies to increase value and liquidity of real estate assets through tokenisation.The Ljubljana based startup was founded by Denis Petrovic, who holds an MSc in Architectural Engineering and Viktor Brajak (MSc in Computer Science).

Congratulations to the other 2 finalists sesamee by Fetch Blockchain and Blocknify!

The winner with . the Swiss President Ueli Maurer and the CV Competition initiators

“Congratulations to Blocksquare and best of luck with further scaling the project, which looks very promising. We are looking forward to supporting the project out of the Crypto Valley and to see more tokenised properties soon.” Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder of CV VC.

To relive the highlights from the CV Summit, we will publish videos, pictures and a re-cap on our CV Summit telegram, medium, youtube, twitter and linkedIn in the next days. Follow us — let’s stay in touch!

We want to thank all the attendees who shared their experience with the hashtag #CVSummit19.

Glossary: #BUIDL
Crypto slang for “to build” — meaning do develop the technology and the ecosystems. Derived from the term “to HODL”, which is slang in the cryptocurrency community for holding a cryptocurrency rather than selling it. It originated in 2013 in a post on a Bitcoin forum message board, when an apparently inebriated user wrote “I am hodling” (typo) instead of “holding”.

CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on startups that build on Blockchain technology. In addition, CV VC operates its own incubator and ecosystem business under the CV Labs brand.

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