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CV VC part of the new innovation initiative of Swiss Blockchain Federation

Swiss Blockchain Federation introduces an initiative to promote innovation in the blockchain sector.

The Swiss Blockchain Federation has entered the field of innovation promotion. The umbrella organization of the Swiss Blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland has been awarded a four-year innovation promotion mandate by Innosuisse. The support program “Blockchain Nation Switzerland” envisages CV VC as a consortium partner.

Innosuisse is the innovation agency of the Swiss Federation. They award every year mandates to organizations which are willing to foster innovation in a specific field. These mandates are called “NTN Innovation Booster”. The Swiss Blockchain Federation has applied and won such a mandate and has committed them to develop a National Thematic Network (NTN) under the title “Blockchain Nation Switzerland. The Swiss Blockchain Federation will operate as Leading House of this initiative and implement innovation promotion measures in cooperation with a number of consortium partners. CV VC is one of the consortium partners.

Heinz Tännler, President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and member of the government of the Canton of Zug states: “We are pleased about the trust placed in us. Innosuisse’s decision in favour of our “Blockchain Nation Switzerland” project is further proof for us of how important blockchain technology is for the future attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location. After the Swiss Blockchain Federation has strongly advocated good framework conditions and the forward-looking Blockchain legislation, which will be implemented next year, we are now promoting Blockchain innovations and creating new jobs.”

The innovation program starts at the beginning of 2021 and takes four years. The initiative has the goal to not only generate ideas but also generate startups out of its activities. That is where CV VC come into play. CV VC will support the innovation program through its incubation program. CV VC will include the best ideas in its incubation program and develop new ideas into independent companies.

The Innobooster initiative is led by CV VC’s Mathias Ruch, who is also co-founder, board member and Chairman of the Expert Council of the Swiss Blockchain Federation. CV VC is pleased to be part of this promising and exciting initiative which benefits the whole blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland.




CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on startups that build on Blockchain technology. In addition, CV VC operates its own incubator and ecosystem business under the CV Labs brand.

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