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Five questions for Ruth Salvisberg

CV VC’s new Head of Operations and Finance explains what fascinates her about Crypto Valley and what her ambitions are for the company

Ruth Salivsberg, Head of Operations and Finance at CV VC

What fascinates you about the venture capital world?
I’m thrilled about continuously learning about new technologies and companies that not many other people know about and enabling young entrepreneurs to grow. The venture capitalist world is very dynamic and growing in Switzerland and Europe. It is refreshing to work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who bring new ideas and technologies to life. Being part of this is very exciting.

Why did you choose CV VC?
I chose CV VC because I like how it approaches the venture capital world. It not only hunts for new technologies and blockchain companies but also supports them early with an incubation program through its life cycle up to the next capital raising rounds. As founder and a driving force of the Crypto Valley in Zug, CV VC shares its blockchain knowledge with its partners and has established a significant ecosystem. Being part of it and further enhancing it while supporting the expansion of the Crypto Valley into the world made me choose CV VC.

“Whenever the corporate world is looking into blockchain, they should be looking at CV VC’s expertise.”

How do you rate the potential of blockchain technology and blockchain startups?
The next generations have convinced me that cryptocurrencies are driving innovation and are creating a competitive advantage. Beyond these new currencies, blockchain technology has acquired attention and importance in its right. Today, it is accepted that blockchain stands out as a disruptive technology that will change a number of processes, whether in financial services or other areas, e.g., logistics. Big corporation adjusts their processes accordingly. In a world where the request for transparency and traceability has increased, blockchain technology will help achieve it. While we live with the current constraints, new technologies will have to emerge, and our next generation will have to utilize them. Hence, I believe that there is a high probability of an increased number of startups that the further development of blockchain technology will significantly drive.

What are your goals for CV VC?
CV VC will grow further in the near future and enhance its presence worldwide. It has established a well-known brand and leadership role, which I will help maintain. As the Head of Operations and Finance at CV VC, my role includes strengthening all back-office processes and ensuring that CV VC can remain as agile as possible to develop its portfolio of startups successfully. Whenever the corporate world is looking into blockchain, they should be looking at CV VC’s expertise. I hope that my experience from the corporate world can help CV VC gain traction in working with big companies.

What can investors expect from CV VC and its investments in early-stage startups?
With its solid expertise, CV VC will continue its expansion worldwide and grow with the companies in which it invests. When I joined, CV VC and our ecosystem CV Labs officially announced its activities in Africa, and four startups joined the portfolio of 37. CV VC receives a lot of demands from young entrepreneurs to invest in and is very successful with the blockchain-focused programs we have established. CV VC also provides qualified investors the opportunity to participate in CV VC’s portfolio of global blockchain startups through a Swiss Actively Managed Certificate. Combined with the ecosystem, this provides an enormous opportunity for these entrepreneurs and CV VC to succeed. It is the beginning of an exciting journey towards long-term sustainable growth.



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