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How to Get the Most out of the Crypto Valley Conference 2019 and Crypto Valley Week

The Crypto Valley Conference 2019 is approaching fast and if you have any relation to and are into Crypto and Blockchain — this is the place to be at the end of June.

Johann-Schneider Ammann, former member of the Swiss Federal Council (photo courtesy of CVA)

Switzerland is known to be the desired destination for crypto projects, tinkerers, cybersecurity experts and governance, might we say, the democracy buffs. You will be in the company of more than 800 like minded people visiting from all over the world to be part of this event.

The event is massive with two to three stages of top quality programming simultaneously, speakers on all hot topics in the space. In addition, top investors are organizing pitch sessions, you can attend coworking space parties and the week starts with the largest hackathon for blockchain to date.

Tickets to get

Register yourself for the main event of the week at We recommend you do this immediately, as the venue is slowly reaching its capacity. Note that students have a discount and if you were smart enough to volunteer, you could buy more BTC instead of buying a ticket. On the first evening, join the party of the Cool Kids on the Blockchain (free for conference ticket holders, registration required), and mingle with investors, startups and regulators who are already there for a side event.

Top places to stay

If you have not made the Trek to Zug before (why not…?), and you do not have a hotel/AirBnB reservation yet, forget about getting an accommodation in Zug. Your choices are Zurich or Lucerne, which are both a short 30 minute train ride from Zug. Pick Zurich if you want to have a chance to see the last bits of the legacy of the banking system around Paradeplatz. Pick Lucerne, if you want to experience spectacular landscape and lots of tourists.

Enjoy the summer at Lake Zug (photo courtesy of CVA)

Top events to attend

At the conference and around it, there will be many high profile events by projects/corporates which rent bars and restaurants. Watch out for the people that are in the know and scan all tlgrm channels to find out where it’s happening. Zug is small and you will be able to walk to all the locations. If you want to hang around the nerds, make sure you attend SBHack, the largest blockchain hackathon starting on June 21st (until June 23rd). See one of the true icons of the space, don’t miss Andreas Antonopoulos on Sunday June 23rd.

Crypto Valley Conference Cruise (photo courtesy of CVA)

On June 24th, you have to participate in the pre-conference party with the Cool Kids on the Block at CV Labs, where we celebrate the first batch of graduates from the CV Labs Incubation Program. For conference attendees the cruise on the lake (25th) is a must. Corner your favorite Dev or investor on the boat, they can not escape…

For the ones that do not fit on the boat, and can not get enough of lawyers and regulatory topics, pop out from the bars of Zug to hear insiders of significant projects talk about regulatory issues on the 25th in the evening.

On June 26th, after the conference, join the smart folks at Smart Valor for an evening on investing in digital assets. This location is in the middle of town, so you will have plenty of opportunity to meet Cryptopeople in the surrounding bars afterwards.

If you stick around for the days after the conference, there are events on how to transact digital assets with SIX, which is building a digital asset exchange and Amun (June 27th). And you can spend your Friday evening with Coreledger and Ambitorio, at the traditional Friday Wine and Vision, where the industry in Zug meets every other Friday.

Wine & Vision at CV Labs

If you are a Startup

Come to the opening party at CV Labs for the cool kids on Blockchain on June 24th (7pm) and mingle with investors, startups and the CV Labs crew. During the week, make sure you learn about SICTIC and its pitching event on June 26th. We highly recommend the boat cruise to corner investors with no way to escape.

Wine & Vision at CV Labs

If you are an investor

You will find Nerds and the generators of the future tech stack at the technical events of the Conference with technical leaders such as Sebastian Bürgel, Arthur Gervais, Claudio Tessone, Ben Livshits, and the like. Pay attention to Stage 2 and 3 on June 25th (2nd day). If you are from out of town, make sure you reach out to the main investor groups in the Crypto Valley and Switzerland: Blockchainvalley ventures, Redalpine, bluefolio, CV VC. Contact the CV VC team to attend demo day of their first incubation batch of blockchain companies.

Get to see pitches by companies selected by some of the most experienced investors in the Fintech space from SICTIC in the afternoon of June 26th.

If you are a BTC maximalist

HODL and don’t spend any of your BTC on frivolities at the house of wine, Kessel Ferrari, and accommodation at Dolder Grand. If you are in need of Fiduciaries and other service providers, some of them also take BTC…

Don’t mingle too much, as there are many ETH and fans for other protocols around (for you: shitcoins). Don’t mistake the Technical University ETH in the speakers description for Ether, not the same…:-)) If you want to see one of the true icons of the space, don’t miss Andreas Antonopoulos on Sunday June 23rd.

If you are a dev

Do not miss hanging with the Hackers at SBHACK taking place from June 21st to June 23rd.

If you are a journalist

Take advantage of meeting the people that are in it for real and not the quick buck. There will be plenty of real projects and decision makers to speak to who are putting in the building blocks for the future tech stack. There is a media contact for what is happening during the week. They will even have a proper press centre and an exclusive media roundtable.

(photo courtesy of CVA)



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