Kicking Off CV Labs Incubation Batch #2

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4 min readNov 22, 2019


After the successful completion of the inaugural CV Labs Incubation Program in spring 2019, the second batch of incubatees has now started the unique program in the heart of the Crypto Valley.

For the second round of the incubation program, CV VC has evaluated applications of 300+ Blockchain startups and ultimately selected 9 promising projects from 6 different countries. Startups selected into the program receive up to CHF 125,000 in return for 10% of equity. Like last time, all international startups are relocating their founding team and business to Zug (CV Labs) for the duration of the incubation program or longer.

Batch_II is ready for the 10-weeks program at CV Labs in the heart of the Crypto Valley

During the 10-weeks long program, startups receive training for pitching, fundraising, business strategy, token economy, operational excellence and get the chance to meet international investors and industry leaders.

CV VC Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer Olaf Hannemann on the startups and selection process:

“The ideas and projects out there are clearly getting more mature. It’s impressive to see the broad variety of use-cases that can be solved or improved with the use of blockchain technology. I am excited that we have been able to attract such a variety of ideas from all over the world to join our incubator in Zug, as it demonstrates both the attractiveness of Switzerland as a blockchain hub as well as CV VC´s global reach.”

CV VC Investments

Since the beginning of 2019, the experienced leaders and entrepreneurs behind CV VC and CV Labs have evaluated more than 800 startups for the two rounds of the incubation program and over 1,000 projects for seed phase funding from 54 countries across 27 different industries. The CV VC investment portfolio currently includes 26 investments in startups from 13 countries.

Mathias Ruch, Founder and CEO of CV VC:

“CV VC has become an important and renowned institution for regional and international startups. We want to do our part and contribute to a growing and flourishing ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs with great ideas and giving them a chance to focus on the development of their ideas and products.”

Overview Batch #2 Startups

  • Agryo, Brazil
    Provides access for farmers to financial services by using an AI algorithm, which builds credit profiles and risk assessment and monitors contracts under the smart contracts transfer value layer. Agryo is developing a complete infrastructure for the agribusiness space with ratings, risk assessment, lending, insurance, price protection, savings account and trade contracts.
  • Asvin, Germany
    Provides an update solution for Internet of Things (IOT) devices, secured by a distributed ledger. IoT vendors and operators can organizing the Over-The-Air distribution of updates to IoT devices via cloud solution. is providing a safe and secure infrastructure for the update distribution with transparent and low costs during the lifecycle of IoT devices.
  • Blocksport, Switzerland
    Building the bridge between (e-)sport clubs and their fans by providing the technology to reach, activate, engage and monetize the fan community. The sports industry is at the beginning of the digital transformation. Blocksport is providing a white label app solution that enables Tier 2 & 3 (e-)sport clubs to activate fans globally with a game- and loyalty-based brand ecosystem.
  • ditCraft, Germany
    Changing the software development experience, empowering decentralized autonomous project governance and incentivizing developers. ditCraft is improving the current development cycle while also creating some further benefits for developers. ditCraft is a software development platform enabling individuals and enterprises to reach software excellence.
  • GatePay, USA
    Developing a payments solution using blockchain technology, which is faster, cheaper, more secure and efficient than existing systems. GatePay is a suite of payment applications that powers cryptocurrency commerce for businesses of all shapes and sizes. ​GatePay is a software company that gives access to technologies which optimize revenue and streamline checkout processes.
  • Padely, Switzerland
    Building a decentralized peer to peer parcel delivery platform consisting of delivery people who pick up (short distance) parcels from the sender and deliver those at the desired time and place of the recipient. With this approach, senders save time and costs, recipients have a great customer experience and it is environmentally more sustainable than services from traditional carriers.
  • Vault Wines, Georgia
    Developing a platform for authentication of wine supply chain information, launching an e-commerce wine selling platform, and providing logistics & storage facilities (already ready) to create a direct winery-to-customer gateway, without intermediaries. Offering is completed with an ERP system for small-to-medium sized wineries that currently run many processes manually.
  • Wild Cards, South Africa
    Building a tech stack that combines smart contracts with a new economic model (Harberger tax model) and an always-for-sale mechanism for (non fungible) digital assets. Current use case of Wildcards’ tech stack is a platform that allows users to help save endangered animals by trading digital endangered animal collectables through a radical markets economic model.
  • Xion, USA
    Empowering entrepreneurs and large corporates to create, sell, manage & scale subscription offers and giving access to an all-in-one e-commerce subscription ecosystem by the click of a button. Xion makes it easy for retailers to utilize subscription models and engage with their customers to supply products globally by using the distributed ledger technology.



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