Start of CV VC’s new incubation program

CV Labs Incubator opened its doors for the third time on October 18, but a lot has changed since the last batch.

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We gave the program a complete overhaul and designed it to be decentralized, more global and flexible, adapting it to ongoing COVID dynamics.

batch_03 of the CV Labs Incubation Program has started on Oct 18

The Incubator is now hybrid. All courses will be virtually accessible, allowing the startups to work worldwide. However, we still want the startups to meet our ecosystem players in person, thus inviting them to Switzerland or any other global CV Labs Hub.

We have created an internal virtual ecosystem with 100 experts and mentors from various fields and essential jurisdictions. Our portfolio companies are part of these experts, helping and working together. This ecosystem grows day by day, consisting of people from and beyond the blockchain field.

CV VC’s 3-month incubation program has over 50 hours of content, next to various activities and pitching opportunities. It builds on four blocks:

1. Bootcamp — The Why & Business Plan (1 week)

We kick off the program with a Bootcamp, connecting the incubatees to the ecosystem and teaching the fundamentals of starting a business.

2. Block — Technology, Product and Legal (1 month)

Going to town on all things technology: In addition to getting to know and learning from top-tier protocols such as Cardano, Dfinity, Polkadot, or AAVE, the incubatees will learn from the law firm MME, which have set up the foundation for Ethereum. PwC provides insights into various legal and taxation aspects. Moreover, it is crucial for blockchain and crypto startups to gain knowledge on exchanges. That is why we have experts and mentors present from market makers or exchanges like Bittrex or Binance.

3. Block — Branding and Marketing (1 month)

Branding and marketing are paramount for the success of startups. That is why we teach startups everything from branding and PR to social media and community building, working with top-notch media in the space, such as Coindesk and leading PR agencies like Wachsman and Narwal PR.

4. Graduation Week (1 week)

We will hold final pitch reviews, prepare the startups for the demo day, and invite more than 200 investors worldwide to participate in the hybrid pitch event.

Due to the flexibility of the program, applications are always open for startups around the globe. Going forward, we will run the incubator program 2–3 times a year, and applications are open at the link below.

Talk nerdy to us if you want to learn more, become part of it or even apply to the program:

Our six incubatees for batch_03:

Pravica, HouseAfrica, CarmaChain, Mazzuma, BlockFrauds, CO2DAO

Names of the founders:

Pravica — Mohamed Abdou
HouseAfrica — Ndifreke Ikokpu & Nnamdi Uba
CarmaChain — Ted Martynov
Mazzuma — Kofi Genfi & Nii Osae
BlockFrauds — Soadad Farhan & Roanna Doe
CO2DAO — Olaf Cordt

Key facts:

  • 4 incubatees are from Africa:
    Mazzuma: International remittance and mobile money (Ghana)
    HouseAfrica: Digital Property Validation System (Nigeria)
    Pravica: Decentralized communication suite for enterprises (Egypt)
    CarmaChain: P2p data marketplace for the unbanked (Nigeria)
  • Inspirational speakers include Swiss Hollywood director Marc Forster.
  • 9 protocols joining us, including Cardano, Polkadot, Casper Labs, Partisia, Velas, Dfinity, Aeternity & more.



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