CVerification helps employers to make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the best qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process.

The platform allows businesses to safeguard their organization and applicants to improve their application credentials.

The Market:
Currently there is no centralized or decentralized service offering comprehensive employment background screening which is simultaneously fast, fully automated and cheap. The existing solutions do not guarantee successful background screening that allows companies to hire with confidence. They also do not guarantee the security of sensitive data which applicants need.

Our Solution:
CVerification is a decentralized blockchain-based background check services platform. The platform makes possible the exchange of employment references in a way which guarantees the genuineness of the documents. Both companies and applicants profit from the improced hiring process with CVerification.

The Opportunity:
CVerification will disrupt the background check services industry which achieves combined annual revenues of $2bn.
All early adopters can profit immensely from the success of CVerification.

More information about CVerification is available in the business brochure:

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