How to create a professional CV from your LinkedIn profile data

Mohamed Kamel
Mar 21 · 2 min read

LinkedIn is a very helpful social network for us to know more about professional people.

But when we want to apply for a new job we need to use our -PDF- CV.

As the first impression lasts forever we try to make our CV as good as we can.

For this, we can cvrest as a free CV maker or a premium CV maker
cvrest helps us to create a new CV with our LinkedIn data.

In cvrest com, you can choose from 15 professional CV templates and 9 interactive online CV templates.

But first, we will need to import our LinkedIn profile to convert it in a professional PDF CV.

Download your LinkedIn profile data

Image for post
Image for post
LinkedIn data download request page
  • click on “Request archive” button.
  • Now LinkedIn will send your data to your email within 1 hour

Create a new CV

  • Go to
  • Click on Create your CV now button or Signup button.
  • Select the CV Language and enter your name and current position.
  • Enter your email, username and password and click on create.
  • Click on start the smart CV builder now.
  • In every section you can upload the required file from your LinkedIn data Folder.

After finishing creating the CV you can select your PDF CV template and your Online CV template then clock on Download Now.

Congratulation, now you have a professional well designed CV generated from your LinkedIn account Data.

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