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Exploring ICP: Network Protocol for Internet Decentralization

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The internet, which we have become part of our lives, is controlled by big tech organizations that dictate what, how, and when users should be provided with information. Therefore, the internet relies on data from centralized servers. The internet computer protocol, on the other hand, is a protocol that aims to decentralize the internet by using independent data centers as an alternative to corporate cloud services.

What is Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)?

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a set of protocols built on the Ethereum blockchain network that enables independent data centers all over the world to work collaboratively to improve the efficiency, speed, and decentralization of computation and data storage. The Internet Computer project seeks to improve the entire internet stack rather than just the application and data storage layers.

ICP is the first “world computer” for building any web2 or web3 online system, as well as services that run entirely on-chain and are controlled by community DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). By creating a world computer, the project intends to address fundamental issues such as poor system security, misuse of personal user data, and monopolization of internet services. As a result, it offers complete end-to-end decentralization of online services and Web3.

How Does ICP Work?

The Internet Computer Protocol was developed to address the centralization of the internet infrastructure, with applications running on it frequently being closed-source, proprietary, and hosted on a small number of data centers owned by a single entity.

To address this, ICP provides an open and secure blockchain-based network that can host programs and data in smart contracts, perform secure and trustworthy computations on smart contracts, and scale infinitely. In contrast to traditional internet, the ICP will host and serve applications and data directly on-chain. Therefore, instead of relying on a single blockchain for scaling, ICP uses a global network of interconnected computers.

Nodes on the network host the internet. These nodes represent individual internet providers installed in multiple data centers and are maintained and operated by independent “node providers,” ensuring network decentralization. ICP comprises “subnet blockchains” on the inside, with each new subnet expanding the network’s capacity. As a result, the network can support more smart contracts, computation, and data. However, the subnets are invisible to the hosted smart contracts and users because they are combined into a single logical blockchain using Chain Key Cryptography.

What Makes ICP Unique?

Chain Key Technology

Chain key technology is the engine that powers the ICP blockchain network and its operations that operate on a single public key. It orchestrates the ICP’s nodes using multiple cryptographic protocols. Chain key technology enables ICP to complete transactions that update the smart contract state in 1–2 seconds. It also adds new nodes to the network to form new subnets to increase network scalability.

Network Nervous System (NNS)

ICP is powered by an algorithmic governance system called the Network Nervous System (NNS). The NNS governs the Internet Computer in an open, permissionless, decentralized algorithmic system. The NNS is the network’s governance system and has the authority to slash (eject) node machines that consistently fail to produce enough blocks. The NNS performs various functions on the ICP, including monitoring node machines for abnormal behavior and generating new ICP tokens for reward purposes.

ICP Tokens

The ICP token provides network gas and allows holders to vote on proposals shaping the Internet Computer’s future. ICP tokens are responsible for facilitating network governance, production of cycles for the computer, and rewarding the protocol participants.

Where to Get ICP Tokens?

You can purchase ICP tokens from popular exchanges, including, Cwallet, Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, and many more.

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What Can You Do With Your $ICP Token On Cwallet

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End Note

You’ve learned more about the newly listed $ICP token and how to use it with Cwallet services!

Remember that you can use Cwallet to receive, hold, or tip $ICP tokens.

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