How To Create A Free Discord Bot To Assign Server Roles To Crypto & NFT Holders

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If you’ve ever been in a Discord server, then you know how color-coded roles can filter a server into several tiers, each with different access levels. Sometimes, only higher-level roles can access specific channels within these servers.

All of these are facilitated by bots within the Discord app. Discord’s open-source nature makes it customizable; hence, with these bots, you can customize your users’ experience with several additional features, including automatic role assignment facilitated by asset verification.

Of course, if you own a crypto or NFT community, you’d likely have a Discord server for community interaction. However, when it comes to managing access and ensuring that only the right individuals have entry to certain channels, things can get a bit tricky. That’s where the Cwallet exclusive access bot comes in, enabling you to verify users’ assets and assign unique server roles accordingly.

With this bot, you can take control of who gains access to exclusive channels based on specific assets or total asset value. Whether you want to restrict entry to individuals holding a particular token, such as Bitcoin (BTC), or require users to meet a minimum total value threshold, the Cwallet bot has got you covered. Additionally, the bot extends its functionality to NFTs, allowing you to filter access based on various blockchain networks.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details and discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your community’s experience.

Understanding Exclusive Access Roles

Exclusive access channels within Discord servers give you the ability to create a gated community within your existing your community. It’s like creating a VIP access room within a club where only members with only a specific net worth can gain entry. Similarly, with Cwallet’s exclusive Discord bot, you can create channels where only individuals with specific crypto assets or NFT holdings can gain entry.

The Cwallet bot allows users to verify their assets by connecting their wallets, after which they will be granted a role with respect to their assets. These roles serve as virtual keys, granting access to channels that are reserved for users who meet certain asset verification criteria.

For example, you can set a threshold of 0.01–0.0099 BTC total asset value as OG, 0.1–0.99 BTC as VIP OG, and 1 BTC+ as VVIP OG.

But why should you consider implementing exclusive access roles in your Discord server? Below are some valid reasons.

First, exclusive access roles provide an additional layer of security, particularly to inner channels where sensitive actions may be taken. By requiring users to verify their assets, you ensure that only trusted individuals with a genuine interest in your community’s focus — be it cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or both — can gain entry. This helps weed out potential trolls or spammers, creating a safer and more engaging environment for your members.

Also, exclusive access roles can be useful for communities that have an upcoming token presale or NFT mint; it can be used to whitelist users in advance, ensuring that the whitelist of people who want to participate is filled with people who won’t waste the slots. Since they have enough funds in their wallets, they can easily participate in the presale, ensuring that the project is adequately bootstrapped.

Setting Up Exclusive Access Roles

Setting up tis bot on your Discord community is easier than you might think, and with Cwallet, it’s free too!

To start, you need to create a Cwallet account, and connect it with your Discord account, create your exclusive bot, and then set up exclusive access server roles with asset verification.

After doing all of these, you, as a server owner, or other community managers who have the permissions for server management can set up parameters for asset verification based on several criteria.

For example, you can ask the bot to verify the users’ holdings of a particular token (for example BTC). So, when users connect their wallets, the bots scans the BTC balance, and it assigns roles based on your settings.

Alternatively, you can set up the bot to verify the total value of assets in the user’s wallet. So, when users connect their wallets, the bot scans the wallet and aggregates the entire balance, and estimates the balance in a currency you choose. For example, the total asset value (in BTC) of User A’s wallet is 0.1 BTC

Also, you can also set up the bot to verify the total value of assets in a particular blockchain network. So, when users connect their wallets, the bot scans the wallet and aggregates the entire balance in a particular blockchain (say Ethereum). For example, the total value of ERC-20 tokens in User A’s wallet is 20 ETH.

These asset verifications can be done for NFTs on all major blockchain networks.So, you may restrict access to your channel to specific holders of an NFT or OAT.

So, when a user joins your Discord server and wants to gain access to those exclusive channels, they will be prompted to select a role for asset verification, and if they meet the asset criteria, they will instantly gain access to the channel. The process is simple and transparent; users don’t have to jump through hoops or engage in complicated procedures. With just a few clicks, they can showcase their assets and prove their eligibility for the exclusive channels.


Discord’s open-source nature opens up a world of possibilities for online communities. With several bots that supercharge community management, such as the Cwallet Discord bot, you can implement exclusive roles for closed-access channels, allowing you to create a secure, engaging, and exclusive environment for your crypto and NFT communities.

Whether it’s verifying token balances or total asset values, the Cwallet bot on Discord ensures that only deserving individuals can gain access to the server’s exclusive channels.
The process is simple! All you need to do is sign up on Cwallet and follow these steps to set up your own exclusive channel with the Cwallet Discord bot!




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