Oct 2, 2018 · 4 min read
Crypto Wine Exchange (CWEX) Announces Upcoming ICO Launch

Crypto Wine Exchange, WEX Limited Hong Kong in synergy with DotChain GmbH Switzerland is set to transform the wine industry by providing a safe platform for cryptocurrency owners to trade in fine wine.

Switzerland,October 02, 2018, WEX Limited Hong Kong in synergy with DotChain GmbH launches its ICO event for the World’s First Decentralized Fine Wine Trading Platform. Crypto Wine Exchange is a blockchain-based fine wine-trading platform connecting cryptocurrency owners to the fine wine market without the complications of regulations. Putting investors in charge while offering robust privacy, bonded storage, product authenticity and authentication, all maintained on the clients behalf. Transactions can be performed using various popular cryptocurrency and the platform-native CWEX token. Cryptocurrency owners will now have opportunity to make tangible and traceable high value asset investments.

The cryptocurrency explosion of recent years has brought enormous and ongoing interest in blockchain investments, causing its value to soar to record levels in late 2017. However, recent declines have led commentators to speculate that it was a bubble and as a sign of the instability of cryptocurrencies. Backing cryptocurrency investments in tangible and stable assets like fine wine is the key to safer and more predictable investment growth.

Fine wine has been proven to be a sound short-term, low-risk, stable investment. The Wine Owners 150 Index was up 8% in 2017, building on the stellar 25% gain notched up in 2016. 2018 is expected not to disappoint either with 8.35% increase Year to Date. Even considering longer investment periods — 5 to 10 years, fine wine scores highly at 267% gain. Increasing demands from Asian markets and climate uncertainties could propel returns even higher in the immediate future.

However, although the fine wine markets have been growing over the past few years globally, there are still many legal and practical obstacles deterring cryptocurrency investors to enter the market, particularly heavy taxation, fees, legal regulations and often the convoluted trading process.
CWEX aims to revitalize and streamline the investment process on behalf of the investor by offering a fine wine-trading platform with the following features:
· High anonymity and security through blockchain based ownership certificates.
· Decentralized system, resilient to organized attacks and regional restrictions
· Transparent and dynamic trading process.
· Total management of storage, taxation and legal regulations.
· Guaranteed fine wine authenticity through trusted partners

The consolidated view of the global fine wine market CWEX enables traders to buy and sell wine while setting and adjusting their prices in real time. The trading platform will also offer an automatic portfolio management system that will enable members to manage their wine collections on a personal level and trade them, despite the location of storage being elsewhere. Portfolio management is a complementary feature of the platform.

The CWEX platform is based on a proven decentralized application framework. It will offer a cutting-edge user experience through split-second transactions, user-friendly interface and a flow of relevant information that empowers anyone. Reliable fine wine investments are no longer a privilege exclusively offered by expensive intermediaries.

The cryptocurrency owners are assured of the security of investment. CWEX ensures strict vetting and auditing of wine dealers who want to be involved on the platform. They offer insurance against fraud, natural disasters, improper storage and any other unforeseen activities that may threaten investment. In addition to the security measures, CWEX issues a blockchain certificate for each bottle of wine traded over the platform. This certification is proof that the buyer owns the wine in real life.

CWEX is announcing its Pre-ICO crowd sale from 15th December 2018 to 9th January 2019 The sale period will run from 10th January 2019 to 21st March 2019. 62% of all token supply will be sold during the pre-sale and main sale. 38% of all token amount will be distributed to CWEX team (14%), bounty campaign (3%), future stakeholders (4%), legal and finance (5%) and community and growth (12%).

Becoming a CWEX token investor will confer additional benefit:
For a limited time, newly introduced fine wine assets will only be purchasable using CWEX tokens. This “CWEX priority lane” period will apply to the more exclusive initial item offerings. The exclusivity periods are set to range from hours to a finite number of days depending on the anticipated interest in each product.

The transaction can be made using ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, EOS, NEO, ZEC, XMR, and USDT. Communication on the initial coin offering process will be put on our official website.

About WEX Ltd and DotChain GmbH
WEX is a Hong Kong based company specializing in the development and operation of the blockchain based assets trading platform.
DotChain, based in Switzerland, specifically targeting to provide legal, administrative, and vendor management on behalf of partners and clients of the CWEX platform.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information:

Website: https://cwinex.io/








CWEX simplifies the fine wine trading using blockchain technology.


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CWEX simplifies the fine wine trading using blockchain technology.

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