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CVN 2020 Ending Talk

On the last day of 2020, we invited Neo Wang, founder of CVN to the community to do a 2020 Ending Talk. He summarized the achievements of CVN in this year and introduced the plan for the next year. Here’s the recap of his sharing:

Host: Neo, there are many new friends in the group recently. Can you give them a brief introduction of yourself?

Neo: Sure of course. My name is Neo Wang, Founder and CEO of CVNT.

I have been an entrepreneur for 17 or 18 years and have been active in the domestic Internet technology industry.

In 2016, I started to enter the blockchain industry. I co-founded Beijing FanRong Technology Co., Ltd. and served as CEO. In 2017, I initiated CWV Public chain project and have been managing CWV Foundation. I m the first batch of blockchain practitioners in China’s blockchain industry.And at the end of this year, CWV has changed it’s name into CVNT.

Host: Before sharing, I’d like to ask a few questions about the industry. Neo , How do you feel about 2020? Please summarize with a few key words.

Neo: Of course this has been an extraordinary and difficult year, and for most people and businesses, it has been about survival. But it has been an exciting and uplifting year for those in the cryptocurrency industry.

2020 is the first year of DEFi and a milestone year for BTC, destined to go down in history. And we are one of the writers of history. Whole industry is changing rapidly, with new concepts, new models, and new projects emerging in an endless stream, mixed with a large amount of invalid and junk information. The whole story of 2020 is full of complex environment and reconstruction cognition.

Bitcoin halving, the digital currency pilot of the people’s Bank of China, NFT, contract market, and blockchain being included in the scope of “new infrastructure” are all key words that can not be ignored in 2020, but DeFi will definitely the dominant strength

2019, when it comes to DeFi, all you can think of is DAI. In 2020, the trading volume of Uniswap once exceeds that of the central exchange Coinbase.
AMM automation market maker, lending, insurance, games and other modules appear, gradually evolving towards a sound decentralized financial system.

The complexity of the blockchain system lies in its rapid development. Anyone who wants to catch up with or even lead its development has to continuously invest huge time and energy.

This is also the reason why our team incubate and partnered a lot of Defi projects. For example, Defking, a cross chain DeFi technology contract container. In my opinion, once the development of decentralized finance sprouts, coupled with the appropriate incentive mechanism as the wings, it will be an irresistible trend to extend the period of time.

Host: So looking back to 2020 or looking forward to 2021, what are your messages about the industry? Will you continue to buy Bitcoin?

Neo: Over the years, I have played the role of entrepreneur and investor, learned a lot and lost a lot.

Blockchain is supposed to be an inclusive world. Any experiment and attempt is worth appreciating. At this moment, the industry needs to face the problem of “lack of confidence of participants”. Any technological thinking and breakthrough, if it can promote the digital currency to the mainstream group of the world, will be very valuable, and it is also the work, concern and blessing of CVN Conscious Value Network and the whole team.

I often say to my team members that if you insist, you will see. It’s really hard in a bear market, but no matter how hard it is, it’s not hopeless. I believe in miracles because I have witnessed miracles. I believe that all things will have a happy ending, if not, it is not the end.

As for whether I will continue to buy Bitcoin, many people like to regard Bitcoin as digital gold. They think that Bitcoin is more scarce than gold and has the characteristics of decentralization. If we call Bitcoin a safe haven asset now, it is a bit far fetched.

But what if it is only used as a supplement to hedging assets and a small amount of allocation, or just as a risk hedging tool in the portfolio? In the current context of interest rate cuts and quantitative easing, this has obviously become more and more feasible.

Not surprisingly, 2021 is likely to be a year of dramatic changes for institutional investors. The debt crisis will make traditional investors begin to write digital currency into their asset portfolio as a real reserve asset, instead of just treating it as a venture capital as before.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Laureate in economics, said more sharply: “gold is dead, Bitcoin is more practical than gold, and there is more room for appreciation in the future.”

Host: Awesome. Next, can you please share the major achievements of CVN in 2020 and the plan for the next year to our community?

Neo: The first thing is the transformation from Gaming to Storage, go deeper and wider.

Original CWV was built as gaming mainchain, aiming to be the fundamental of the future blockchain network.

The CryptoWorld game is a blockchain world created on the CWV chain based on a 1:1 mapping to the real world.

Buildings in the CryptoWorld [game] access different chains and blockchain services based on their functions.

In order to adapt to the rapid changes in the market and our own development concept, we have made the following progress this year:

CWV was updated to CWV2.0 and CWV2.0 Whitepaper was released on July 3.

The purpose of updating this white paper is to clarify this complex and cutting-edge consensus mechanism that can really be called the engine of blockchain 3.0 era which is VRF consensus + PoST spatiotemporal proof+ Mixed consensus.

CWV 2.0 was renamed as Conscious Value Network (CVN) on October 8.

The Conscious Value Network is to underscore the importance of group consciousness , which is the power of consensus , and give full play to it to escort the future development of CWV2.0. Together , we will bring a new consciousness revolution to the blockchain industry.

CVN mainchain has launched on October 8.

Conscious Value Network, after adopting the consensus algorithm of VRF verifiable random function, will boast more than 50,000 TPS/CTPS and support 100 supernodes.

We have been constantly updating the mainchain, and launched a number of applications to expand the mainchain ecology.

The application area of CVN could provide wider service and open to third party to develop their own DAPP on easily, this makes CVN more general.

CVN Cooperated with YYeTs and launched RR dVod project on October 18. RR dVod platform, which will adopt VRF verifiable random function +PoST spatiotemporal proof consensus + content storage sharing and protection protocol to realize the storage, sharing, publishing, playing and other functions of decentralized content. This platform may become the first large-scale decentralized video content cloud platform.

CVN Cloud Computing Power Mining has launched on October 23.
CVN super storage pool has completed the docking of Conscious Value Network(CVN) main chain network. The original CWV2.0 voting was converted to storage miner’s computing power. CVNT first landed on BICC Exchange and opened CVNT / USDT trading pair on October 2.

CVN Ecosystem Conference has been held on November 12 in Chongqing China.

CVN Business School officially opened On November 17.

CVN Business School invites many industry senior practitioners to teach high-quality industry courses for community members.

CVN DAO was launched On November 30.

CVN DAO organization, which will be participated by all community members, engages the members that we consider to be positive and cognitive to participate in the development decision of CVN. All DAO members jointly decide on the next development direction of CVN, and they will be rewarded by CVN during the voting process.

Both CWV and BICC won the award of “top 100 blockchain enterprises of the year” in the annual ceremony of “creating with the times” of Jinse Finance on December 26.

We would like to thank Jinse Finance for its recognition of the CVNT and BICC, and will continue to focus on the deployment of blockchain ecological applications and implementation in 2021, and put blockchain products that can truly be used by the public into reality.

Powered by community in 2020

we have received support from communities at home and abroad. At the same time, we have held many AMA and bounty activities in communities at home and abroad to help the community understand CVN.

In 2021, CVN will concentrate on CVNT mining program, which will start from Jan 4th,2020.

RR dVod project, which is developed by CVN and YYeTs. RR dVod, will be able to build a multi-dimensional, multilingual, cross-border, highly free and highly pure high-quality digital content / storage / sharing network for 4 billion netizen all over the world. With Artificial Intelligence and 5G technology, we can even realize the real “eternal consciousness”.



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