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CVN AMA in Arabic Community

1- Rebranding would a mile stone for any project what would be the add value for the project to change from CWV to CVN ?

It’s a very interesting question. I think it’s an upgrade of the whole team, including the team’s goal, direction, and what we want to do in the future, our dream. This includes how to realize it, how to land it, and how to better imagine the future. This upgrade is a real integration of reality and the future, and also a determination of the team to do well in the global blockchain industry.

The “Conscious” proposed by this renaming of Conscious Value Network is of great pioneering significance, which is inspired by the law of entropy increase, the law of the development of the universe.

What is the law of entropy increase?

Entropy can be simply regarded as a measure of disorder or uncertainty. A higher entropy corresponds to a more disordered state. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that in a closed system, entropy will only increase forever, not decrease. Therefore, people usually understand the increase of entropy as the tendency of objects to become chaotic.

Take human beings as an example, from the moment when we human beings are from inorganic life to organic life, it is doomed that this will be an epic of hardship and wonderful coexistence against entropy increase.

In the process of entropy increasing, the confrontational consciousness gradually highlights. It is the “Guardian” of order in disorder and chaos, and constantly promotes the emergence, adaptation and change of order. Since then, life has embarked on the road of intelligent evolution. This process is called successive weak compensation.

Similarly, today, the blockchain has gone from the law of universe development to the decentralized huge system based on the public chain. The ability to resist entropy increase is actually the vitality of the public chain.

Conscious Value Network uses Infinite VRF random algorithm, plus POS voting to gather consensus, and becomes more intelligent through open system. By introducing external forces, it directly introduces 20 million highly adhesive users, and completes the real “conscious” promotion.

At this point, a pure, efficient and autonomous consensus community, an open platform that can absorb tens of thousands of developers around the world, and a decentralized system that gives full play to the value of “consistent consciousness” against entropy increase has broken through the ground.

2- why do you think blockchain application ( storage system ) would an add value for the project ?

First of all, storage is the track chosen by our team, and it is also the field our team is good at and understands. We understand the application pain points of storage, and we know how to solve the pain points.

The real pain point of this industry is that the user base is too small, the entry threshold is high, and there is no large landing application. Even if the technology is very good, but the threshold of users’ value cognition is too high, and the market value is difficult to match the value.

Therefore, the essence of the current public chain competition falls into the ecological and landing competition. The main competition point is which public chain ecology will appear killer application in the next few years.

When CWV acquired YYeTs and completed the transformation of conscious value network , it was destined that this would be a milestone for the blockchain from virtual to real.

It’s also the value we can give to the industry.

3- how would CVN impact CWV ? Would that mean CWV will die ? How we can swap : change from CWV to cvn ?

The CWV foundation announced its strategic investment in YYeTs, and officially renamed CWV2.0 as the Conscious Value Network. This is a subversive beginning.

We will create “RR dVod” decentralized innovation video products.

CVNT, the main network token of CVN, will be produced and circulated in RR dVod and CVN network in the future.

Specific swap process, please see our official website information.

CWV 2.0 completed the upgrade of “VRF consensus main chain + PoST proof of space time + double chain structure” in August this year. After being renamed as CVN, it has made a great innovation in the technical level, realizing its independence, becoming one of the most competitive mainstream public chains in the world, and is likely to take the lead in opening the era of blockchain 3.0.

This is also what we want to upgrade. Please support us, we will bring you more surprise and prove what we have done with our strength.

At the same time, please believe that as long as we do the right thing, there will be rewards. Our team has experienced a lot today. I hope we can move towards a better future together. At least, the fact has proved that our present practice is correct.

4- what would drive the project token appreciation

CVN positioning upgraded: a new generation of public chain infrastructure, general-purpose distributed database (storage) cloud, high-performance decentralized “dVod”, actively invest energy to ensure the continuous supply of ecology in the process of expansion.

Under the new positioning, the purpose of CVN is to solve the problems of low performance, poor security, high development difficulty and excessive dependence on handling fees of existing blockchain applications, and realize the performance expansion of distributed applications.

CVN provides account / authentication, database (storage Cloud), asynchronous communication and program scheduling on tens of thousands of CPUs or clusters. The ultimate form of the technology is a general-purpose blockchain distributed database cloud + BaaS platform, which can support millions of transactions per second. While truly implementing commercial level decentralized application on a large scale, it also supports the current interconnection project migration and the digitization of traditional entity enterprise assets, including the integration of baas technology into its own business.

By building the “RR dVod” product system, we can absorb new materials, energy and information.

“RR dVod” is a decentralized innovative video network system deployed on the CVN awareness value network. It creates a decentralized “fast broadcast” in the era of blockchain 3.0 through the landing scene.

YYeTs is the largest community of American, British, Japanese and Korean dramas in China, with high community consensus and active users.

The average daily number of independent visitors is 2.65 million, and the average daily browsing is more than 10 million. The website ranked 101 in China, 727 in international, and nearly 20 million registered users.

“RR dVod” deployed on the CVN is an open ecosystem. Any third party who needs network resources, such as video, software, music, pictures, games, can easily access and use. Its resources are highly available and never down.

At the same time, the open platform provided by RR dVod includes packaged secondary development SDK, API and development examples of PC, IOS and Android, realizing stable network transmission and content incentive mechanism. Traditional download stations and content distribution platforms can quickly customize their own sites and DAPP according to their own needs.

All of these mechanisms can guarantee the full circulation of CVNT in ecology. In other words, it ensures the liquidity of CVNT. All this is at the heart of driving value.

Please believe and continue to support us, thank you, CVN will do better.



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