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CVN AMA in Turkish Community

Neo Wang:Hello everyone! Glad to be here with you!

Turkish CM-Volkan:Welcome to our channel! Great to see you here also.

Neo Wang: Thanks, glad to be here.

Turkish CM- Volkan: Volatility is one of the major problems with cryptocurrencies. Do you have any plans to prevent volatility for CVN?

Neo Wang: I have been an entrepreneur for 17 or 18 years and have been active in the domestic Internet technology industry. In 2016, I started to enter the blockchain industry. I co-founded Beijing FanRong Technology Co., Ltd. and served as CEO.

In 2017, I initiated CWV Public chain project and have been managing CWV Foundation. I m the first batch of blockchain practitioners in China’s blockchain industry.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and sharing to the community is something I think is absolutely essential. My time is devoted to community building. I don’t think it’s a waste of time. thank you for your support😊 Yes, this is a problem that most cryptocurrencies have to solve and confront. But I can assure you that over the long term, CVN has unmatched room for steady appreciation

If you’ve been reading our recent articles, you know that CVN is committed to a new generation of distributed storage public chains and has a mature implementation in China. We have a partnership with YYets, one of the largest video platforms in China and RR dVod is the product we launched. CVNT is the mainnet token of CVN. Through CVNT, RR dVod can better collect and summarize bandwidth and storage resources, and intelligent scheduling can serve all the enterprise end users with the best form, and quickly obtain large-scale economic benefits by utilizing the advantages of general certification economy in transparency, trust and incentive.

RR dVod will bring CVNT a circulation scene beyond the current mainstream public chain, provide real value support for landing profit business, and make it unique competitiveness in liquidity and deflation effect.

Turkish CM-Volkan: It is true that Turkey has a big place in crypto space. So, Is there any company which you work as a subsidiary of opinion in Turkey within the scope of your project?Do you have a breakthrough in Turkey being planned for the near future?

Neo Wang: In the future, we will also devote more resources to the Turkish market. It’s not limited to activities within the community. After the end of COVID-19 epidemic, we also hope to carry out some large-scale market activities in Turkey and have close contact with our users.

And I want to thank our Turkish community for doing a great job, a great community!

Turkish CM-Volkan: Marketing is essential for every project. In this context, if you want to do a marketing activity for us, can you tell us about the most interesting feature of CVN that attracts users and encourages us to use CVN?

Neo Wang: Good question.

First of all, you need to know why we changed the name from CWV to CVN, which is closely related to the strategic positioning and development vision of our project

Conscious Value Network (CVN), with a new generation of public chain infrastructure + universal distributed database (storage) cloud + high-performance decentralized “fast broadcast” as a new location, aiming to provide high-speed, safe and easy-to-use one-stop decentralized solution for all users.

The core technology of CVN is VRF(verifiable random function) consensus algorithm, which is regarded as the positive solution of the “Trilemma”. It combines the double chain structure of the main chain and greatly improves the computing power of the main chain. On the premise of ensuring the security, it reduces the hardware threshold of nodes and mobilizes more distributed storage resources, so that the storage mining of CVN can be realized.

CVN is committed to become an easy-to-use, developer friendly and intelligent general-purpose infrastructure.CWV foundation strategic investment YYeTs, YYeTs will fully enable CVN to create “RR dVod” product. CWV can provide a stable main network, technical support and node service for RR dVod, so that each node/user can enjoy the gift of value equally, its excellent high-speed network, and smoothly carry all kinds of “RR dVod”.

The running of rich functions (Applications) can improve the transmission quality, and significantly reduce the bandwidth cost of content transmission network, and achieve revolutionary subversion to the traditional video network industry.

Turkish CM-Volkan: Are you considering creating a liquid mining campaign for $CVN or $DFK in the near future?

Neo Wang: Actually DFK liquid mining has been started for some days.

First of all, let’s look at our dTrade. The settlement token of dTrade is DFKii. DFKii’s unique “turbine perpetual motion machine liquidity mining + parallel deflation mechanism” is the economic model that can not only stimulate users’ continuous participation, but also promote the rapid iteration of the platform, which gives the platform great scalability.

The role of DFKii is to participate in the settlement and governance of the project. It distributes the “interests” to the actual users of dTrade, not just investors or developers. Compared with a large number of “swap” products on the market, dTrade reflects the real characteristics of DAO, which may be the latest attempt to the ultimate form of DEX.

DFKii mobile mining is of revolutionary significance. Specifically:

1) It is the first to create a dual flow mining mechanism, supporting uniswap and dTrade platform trading pairs.

2) There is no pre-mining and no reservation for the team, so it can be favored by ordinary users.

3) One-click liquidity mining is supported, and there is no need to deposit transaction pairs into two currencies at the same time.

4) Support the chain order mode to improve the transaction success rate.

5) Transaction sliding point control, order queuing system, improve the transaction success rate.

6) The partial destruction of DFKii from liquid mining is a more reasonable deflation mechanism.

7) Invitation reward mechanism, social communication and user incentive.

In the process of DFKii liquidity mining, 0.25% of the yield will be allocated to liquidity, and 0.05% will be used to repurchase DFK2 fund pool to achieve better deflation effect. After “mining out” DFKii, users can choose to sell immediately to increase their short-term income, or they can hold it. They can bind their long-term interests with the platform, participate in the governance of the platform together with developers, and become a member of the platform community.

Turkish CM-Volkan: Could you share your strategy with us that can take your platform further in the long run?

Neo Wang: The CVN public chain itself plays the role of storage and value, and its business logic lies in that it can reach a consensus on a global scale. The CVN public chain also provides a new way of value storage CVNT, which can be used as a certificate of public chain value. It is embodied in the commonality, ease of use, application and commercialization of the public chain, as well as the realization of lower development cost and higher development efficiency.

In the CVN ecosystem, CVNT has the dual attributes of settlement token and governance token. The price is generated based on the relationship between market supply and demand. It is a real application-oriented token, which can fully penetrate into the application layer and incentive layer of CVN.

Settlement is well understood. Every transaction in the CVN system depends on CVNT, including transaction handling fee, cloud storage fee, all function value certificates of RR dVod, BaaS fee, contract consumption, etc.

The governance performance is that each CVNT holder has the opportunity to participate in the chain governance of CVN and jointly promote its ecological prosperity, including node storage, retrieval, verification, etc., as well as measuring the balance of storage use, and preventing anonymous DDOS attacks.

CVN storage ecology, through decentralized storage, using the original user system and the incentive mechanism of storage mining, to create a decentralized storage ecology with team as the unit, and to build a blockchain ecosystem that can provide decentralized cloud storage services for enterprises, projects and individuals.

At the same time, it can greatly reduce the cost of cloud storage services, enhance the utilization rate of idle storage space in the hands of users, realize the full utilization of user resources, enable the Internet industry with technology, and bring additional income for users by mining.

Turkish CM-Volkan: It was a great AMA which I’ve ever seen. Your answers is very informative and satisfing. I think we got good answers.

Thank you for coming here and answer our question. It was great to host you here @Neo_WangCWV

Neo Wang: I hope you will continue to pay attention to us, and we will forge ahead. Thank you all dear friends!



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