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CVN Blockchain
CVN Blockchain
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4 min readApr 6, 2021


Technological Progress

Till Apr 4, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 30 times, with the main optimization of fragmentation rules and file fragmentation verification;
  2. The file download authorization process and file download merge process have been improved.
  3. The contract code audit has been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Project Activities

1. Neo Wang, the managing partner of the CVN Foundation, participated in the AMA live broadcast event held by Jinse Finance as an incubator at 14:00 on March 30th, and introduced his investment incubation BXH to the center at the event. In the future, Neo Wang will also organically integrate BXH’s decentralized financial advantages with CVN’s main chain ecology, so that the two can generate greater ecological value. For more details:

2. The Bicc platform token BSS has officially launched the decentralized trading platform, and the BXH/BSS liquid mining pool has been opened. Up to now, APY exceeds 700%, and users who hold BSS can flow in BXH liquidity mining to obtain more holding income. For related announcements:

3. The CVN hackathon is already in the preparatory stage, and the long-term third-party development interface is currently being prepared. For more details, please follow the official announcement, stay tunes!

4. The untrustworthy nature of blockchain technology has led to the emergence of many new products dedicated to improving trust issues, and decentralized video network systems are one of them. As the most important substantive product of CVNT in blockchain applications, RR dVod has made a huge breakthrough in ecological construction and user experience. On the one hand, video, software, music, pictures, games and other third parties who need network resources can easily access, use and deploy on RR dVod, enjoy the convenience of ecology and become the builders of ecology. On the other hand, RR dVod provides massive distributed storage space, high QoS, encrypted data transmission services, and uses DHT (distributed hash table) to achieve complete decentralization. Users with computers, mobile phones and TV boxes can join in and have a good user experience. In RR dVod file transfer network, any content creator can upload his own works. Users can browse and search through RR dVod to find and download data in CVNT network. After more and more people visit, the works of content creators will be saved by multiple devices which effectively guarantees the safety.

5. What does the future of YYeTs + Public storage chain looks like? Witness the future with CVN’s RR dVod! RR dVod is a decentralized and innovative video network system deployed on the CVNT network, with 20 million users of YYeTs deployed on the chain. The product system covers three functional modules: video content player /distribution /search, high-quality content investment, and distributed DSN. Based on users’ high-frequency rigid demand for content, RR dVod will quickly have a large number of high-quality digital asset users. In the process of high-speed promotion of CVNT coverage, RR dVod will become the highest quality user traffic pool in the blockchain market, which will make CVNT token more advantageous in commercial extension and extension. Correspondingly, through CVNT token, RR dVod can better collect and summarize bandwidth and storage resources, intelligently schedule to serve all enterprise end users with demand in an optimal form, and quickly obtain scale economic benefits by taking advantage of the advantages of token economy in transparency, trustworthiness and incentive. RR dVod will bring CVNT a circulation scenario beyond the current mainstream public chain, provide real value support for landing profitable business, and make it unique in terms of liquidity and deflation effect.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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